I Built My Bug a Rocket Ship

This poem is for Project OpenBook, a community-built children’s book. Details below.

I built my bug a rocket ship
To fly him to the moon.
My little insect astronaut
Will be launching very soon.

The rocket is a loaf of bread
With a waffle cone on top.
Four fins made out of melba toast…
Held tight with syrup glops.

Ten, nine, eight, seven…
Get ready for your trip!
…six, five, four, three…
Oh no! My dog just ate the ship!

Phil HausslerWritten by Phil Haussler.
Illustrated by Christy Schneider.
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Project OpenBook is a community-built children’s book. Your rating determines what goes into the book. All proceeds go to funding a young girl’s education.

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  • Thanks Tyler. Muchos gracias amigo!!

  • Tyler

    I like it. Short, succint, great art. Love the syrup glopping off the ship.

  • Stacey

    Love this one..........and so will the boys!

  • Thank you much Stace!

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