Less Work, More Play

This poem is for Project OpenBook, a community-built children’s book. Details below.

At dinnertime my dad will say
So what did you kids do all day?
And we tell tales of climbing trees.
Of riding bikes and scraping knees.
He says, “That’s great! That sounds like fun!
Enjoy these days out in the sun…”
Then we ask, “How was your day?
Did you have fun? What did you play?”
“I went to work. You’d find it bland.
It’s tough for kids to understand.”
“Try us! Try us!” we all yell.
“We may get it. How can you tell?”
“I made some calls and paid some bills.
Solved a problem. It took some skills.”
He looks around; we’re all snoring.
This thing called work sounds really boring.
In that moment, I promise some day
To make my work less work, more play.

Phil HausslerWritten by Phil Haussler.
Illustrated by Ann Troe.
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Project OpenBook is a community-built children’s book. Your rating determines what goes into the book. All proceeds go to funding a young girl’s education.

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  • Tyler

    Nice work. Wonder where the inspiration for this came from? I liked the "bills" and "skills" lines.

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