Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of our most common questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.
How do I contact MarbleSpark?
You can find our contact information here: Contact Us
Who are the people behind MarbleSpark?
Read more here: About Us
What's your refund policy?
If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, return it to us for a full refund. No questions asked.
Following Featherbottom
Can I choose which locations I want Felix Featherbottom to go to collect the letters for the child's name?
Absolutely. When reviewing your book, you can swap-in the locations you prefer. Below each page, the other options are shown as small thumbnail images. Just click on the alternatives and click the "Choose it!" button.

This also allows you to choose unique locations if you're buying for siblings. Just be sure to write down which letters you choose when buying for siblings (currently our review process doesn't remind you which locations you used in a previously-built book).

Is there a maximum number of letters allowed in a book?
Not really, but...

There is a limit to the number of letters that will fit on the page. It's more a real-estate problem than a technological limitation. If a book contains enough letters, names will wrap to a second line. But if your name is Supercalifragilistic Expialidocious, your letters probably won't fit on the banner.

Do books ever contain duplicate pages?
The only time a book must contain duplicate pages is if the child's name contains more of any one letter than we can support. We have 2-4 options for most letters. If the child's name contains "too many" of some letter, consider building the book with first and middle names, rather than first and last.
I don't want duplicate pages. What are my options?
Try using middle name instead of last name. When building your book, just select "Instead of last name" from the drop-down list.
Can I include the child's middle name in the book?
Yes, there are two ways to use the child's middle name. You can either include it IN ADDITION to first name and last name, or you can include it INSTEAD of the last name.
Why is there an extra charge for middle name?
If you're using middle name INSTEAD of last name, there is no extra charge. However, if you're ADDING middle name to first and last, the books are longer and require more page sheets. The $5 extra charge covers the cost of additional pages in the book.
Can I include the child's first and middle names in the book rather than first and last names?
Yes, the book works perfectly with first and middle name. Just select "Instead of Last Name" when building your book.
Why would I want to use middle name instead of last name?
If you're buying books for multiple children with the same last name (think siblings), using their middle name reduces the chances that you'll have to use some of the same pages in more than one book. For example, if you're building books for the three McCarthy kids, each book will contain Cairo and Chile (since we only have two C's).
I see that nickname is optional. How will nickname be used?
If you include your child's nickname, your book will contain the following rhyme:

And the best part of all: two ways to use it. We'll call you [NICKNAME] but only if you choose it.

This works best for children who will go by a nickname (for example, Liam instead of William) -- as opposed to a general nickname (like "Boo" or "Champ").

The child hasn't been born yet, so we don't know the baby's birthdate. Is that a problem?
The book still works great even when you don't know the child's birth date. Just select "Don't Know" from the "Child's Birth Month" drop-down list. All personalized elements referring to this date get updated to work with a generic "delivery date".
Can I include a date other than the child's birth date?
Yes. The heroes -- Felix and Pierre -- rush to deliver the book to the child on her "delivery date" and "birth date" is never mentioned. Feel free to use another special date (adoption date, baptism, etc.). Just select another date when asked for the child's birth month and day.
Are the books appropriate for an adopted child?
Absolutely. The book talks about a "delivery date" rather than a birth date and everything about the book works beautifully for adopted children.
I'm giving the book as a gift; can you hide the price when you deliver the book?
Yes, be sure to put a checkmark in the "this is a gift" box during checkout. Unfortunately, we currently cannot offer gift-wrapping or a gift-note.
How long will it take the book to arrive?
Allow 10 days for Standard shipping, 7 days for Express and 4 days for Air. International deliveries can take 30 days or more to arrive.
Do you ship to international addresses?
Yes! (Please note that it can take 30 days or more for delivery.)
How do I ship to different addresses within one order?
You will need to purchase the items separately and complete the checkout process twice to ship to multiple addresses.
Can you ship to P.O. Boxes?
Yes. Be sure to select "PO Box or APO" during checkout. Expect approximately 7-10 days for delivery.