5 Reasons Our Kids Take Music Lessons

Do your kids take music lessons? If not, I hope this post will encourage you to give it a second thought.

You could say I was a musical child. I had several years of guitar, clarinet, piano and voice lessons. I played in a folk group at church as a youngster and sang in a choir in college.

Yes, music was and still is a big part of my life. And I knew when I became a parent, music would play a role in my kids’ lives, too. More…

Picture Books Are Worth a Thousand Words

It’s happening. Our seven-year old is transitioning from picture books to chapter books (sigh). Say it isn’t so!

It’s been such a treat to watch an emerging reader. This is our third go around and we’ve seen a similar pattern with all our boys. More…

Rising From the Trenches of Early Motherhood

Blog_Early Motherhood

My sister is having her third baby any day now. And it’s another boy! Who would have thought when we were little playing house that we’d become mamas of three boys?

My boys are 12, 9 and 7. Hers are 4, 2 and soon-to-be-born. While I’m definitely out of the baby and toddler stage, she is knee-deep in the trenches.

I can’t help but compare our stages of motherhood. More…

How Personalized Children’s Books Engage Kids

Blog_Personalized Books

*This post was written by Caitlin, a member of the MarbleSpark team.*

Why Personalization?

Who doesn’t like a gift or product that is personalized especially for them?

Personalization has been on an upward trend over the past few years. We value products that are made specifically for us and tailored to our unique needs. It makes us feel appreciated and more connected.

And, above all of that, it is more than just a product; it is a memory! More…

Our Favorite Part of This Adventure

We absolutely love hearing stories of how our personalized books created a spark between you and a child, family-member or friend.

We made a short video (gulp) to ask a favor…

Creating Holiday Family Traditions

Blog_Family Traditions

In these days of busy, busy, busy and the stress (and joy!) holidays can bring, family traditions can bring a sense of normalcy to the season.

We look forward to our traditions every year. There is something wonderful about creating a custom that will hopefully be passed on to future generations.


12 Books to Teach Kids About Giving

Books on giving

*This post was written by Caitlin, a member of the MarbleSpark team*

With the Holiday season quickly approaching, there is an increased emphasis on gratitude and giving.

Kids often get caught up in the excitement and presents, causing the idea of giving and gratitude to be pushed aside and forgotten about. On top of that, it can also be hard for them to fully grasp the idea of giving.

But, don’t worry! The books about giving listed below will help introduce your child to the concept of giving, generosity, and gratitude. More…

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Kids

Blog_Personalized Christmas Gifts

The holidays are sneaking up on us. And with that comes the search for the perfect Christmas gift for kids.

Personalized Christmas gifts show your child how special and unique they are since each gift is customized just for them.

Let’s find the perfect personalized gift for your child! More…

We Are Taking the 21-Day Read Aloud Challenge

Blog_Read Aloud challenge

*This post was written for Momaha.com. Read on and then click link below to read full article.*

I’ve always had a love of books.

So when I became a first-time mom almost 12 years ago, I wanted to share this love of reading with our son.


Fun Fall Activities For Your Family

Blog_Fall Activities

Happy Fall Y’all!

We love this time of year! Pumpkins are everywhere, temps dip for cozy clothing and autumn smells are in the air.

No matter the age of your kids or grandkids, there are many fun fall activities to do as a family to connect during this season.