Embrace the Changing Seasons of Childhood

changing seasons

There’s something about the change of seasons in the Midwest that always gets me thinking about the changing seasons in our own lives.

As we say goodbye to flip flops and lemonade stands–and as the leaves turn colors and fall–I also become more aware of the changing seasons of my kids’ lives.  More…

Book-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Little Readers

book-inspired Halloween costumes

What could be better than book-inspired Halloween costumes for little ones?

We sure can’t think of anything!

Little kids can spend hours reading with mom and dad and getting lost in their favorite story.

Halloween is the perfect time to help them bring those favorite storybook characters to life.

Read on for some our favorite ideas for book-inspired Halloween costumes.


Build Baby’s Library with the Best Baby Shower Gift

Best Baby Shower Gift

Our oldest turns 14 in six weeks. I don’t pretend to understand how that happened!

The months leading up to his birth were full of doctor appointments, prenatal classes, reading every book about expecting a baby, painting the nursery, agonizing over the perfect name and the list goes on and on and on.

Time was also spent researching what to include on our baby registry. Friends and family threw several baby showers for us and the registry helped them know which gifts would help out the most.

Little did we know how many essential items were needed to get through the first year of baby’s life. The baby sleepers, bottles, breast pump, burp cloths, baby monitor, diapers, wipes (don’t waste your money on the wipe warmer!), stroller, car seat and…

BOOKS! You guessed it. The best baby shower gift we received were books. More…

Lunchbox Quotes to Brighten Your Child’s Day

lunchbox quotes

Jazz up your little one’s lunchbox with inspiring lunchbox quotes or jokes hidden inside.

Sandwich. Check.

Veggie. Check.

Fruit. Check.

Chocolate milk. Check.

Hidden note. Double check. More…

Favorite Fall Children’s Books: Ages 0 to 8

Favorite Fall Children's Books

Even though it’s 90 degrees outside, the calendar says Fall will officially arrive soon.

In our house, this means many fun fall activities to plan. At the top of the list are all things pumpkin (picking, carving, eating, decorating), and of course, football…because we were born and raised in the Cornhusker state!

The change of seasons is also a great time to find related books to get your kids excited about what’s to come. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Take a peek at our favorite fall children’s books. More…

Kids Tell Us What Makes a Real Superhero


We recently asked a group of kids: Who is your real-life superhero?

We thought it was the perfect way to honor all the brave first responders and civilians who did superhero things on Sept. 11. More…

Introducing Our Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Several years ago I spotted my first Little Free Library. It was love at first sight.

It was a cute, little bird-house looking structure in someone’s front yard. And it was full of…books! I remember thinking it was such a clever way to make books accessible to anyone at anytime.

I told myself someday I’d have one in our front yard. Well, that someday is here! More…

Time for the Dreaded Back-to-School Checklist


The back-to-school countdown is on.

We’re home from family vacation.

Summer camp is complete and nobody got poison ivy this year.

We made our annual trip to the zoo. (And we all agree that the job of wearing the furry vest and holding and feeding the baby gorilla looks like the best job ever!)

We spent quality time with the cousins. And the grandparents.

We volunteered to serve ice cream at the senior center.

But with two weeks left of summer, it’s officially time for the much-dreaded back-to-school checklist.


How Books Help Kids Discover Interests

Kids Discover Interests

A book can be opened time and time again revealing something new each time to the reader. Maybe it’s the illustration, story line, or the way it makes the reader feel. It’s one of the reasons we are passionate about creating children’s books!

Books can also help kids discover interests or what “makes them tick.” Discovering this at a young age can help a child tremendously as they grow. 

According to psychologist Silvan Tomkins, “It is interest which is primary. Interest supports both what is necessary for life and what is possible.”  Helping a child discover their interests early on is a gift to them. More…

Throw a Book Birthday Party for Young Kids

book birthday party

From Following Featherbottom to Pete the Cat to The Cat in the Hat, a book birthday party is a fun way to celebrate the occasion for a pint-sized bibliophile.

We love the idea of building a party around a child’s favorite book.

It can make the story come to life for the child and their guests.

And depending on how you structure the party, it can also be the perfect way to create a beginning library.