How to Start a Summer Book Club for Kids

summer book club for kids

Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate reading in to your family’s schedule over the break? How about starting a summer book club for kids?

It’s the perfect way to combine the excitement of a playdate with learning, avoiding the academic “summer slide” that happens when kids don’t read over break.

Excited to Read

Katie Keber, a teacher and mom of 4, has organized a summer book club for her crew and their friends for the past five years.

“I think what the kids love the most is an opportunity to get together with friends,” says Keber.” “Every spring my kids start asking me about summer book club and begin brainstorming books and activities they want to incorporate.

“It is awesome to see them so excited about reading!” More…

When Your Child Has a Holiday Birthday

Holiday Birthday

Birthdays. Kids look forward to them with gusto. If your kids are anything like mine, they start planning their next birthday party literally the day after celebrating their birthday!

When our son was born on the Fourth of July, I was thrilled to welcome little “Lincoln” into our family. I also wondered how to handle celebrating his future holiday birthday.

Holidays are important in their own right. Kids look forward to them and many family traditions occur around these special days.

Then how do you make your child’s holiday birthday special? More…

Kids Fourth of July Books that Excite

kids Fourth of July books

Growing up, the Fourth of July was always my favorite holiday of the year. My birthday is that same week and I was sure that the fireworks and parties were just for me.

But being that it was my birthday, I’m certain I missed the sentiment of the holiday being the birthday of the United States.

Now, as a mom, I embrace the opportunity to teach my kids about the history of the country and to get them as excited about the holiday as I am.

At MarbleSpark, we think these five kids Fourth of July books are just the right mix of history and fun. More…

The Kids Are Making Grandparent Memories

Making Grandparent Memories

I just dropped the kids off at their grandparents for the week.

And I may have done a little happy dance inside. A bit of time off from parenting duties? Please and thank you!  

Selfish reasons aside, our kids look forward every summer to spending a week with their grandparents. And from what I’m told, the grandparents look forward to it, too.

Win-Win-Win! More…

Make an Acrostic Poem for Father’s Day

Fathers Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner.

Here at MarbleSpark, we are especially thankful for the three dads who co-founded our company. Together they formed who we are today!

This special day is the perfect time to let dad know how much he means to you. A fun way to do this is to create an acrostic poem. This homemade gift is thoughtful, easy and best of all, free! More…

Summer Goal: Let the Kids Be Bored

bored child

Movie nights at the pool. Backyard campouts. S’mores. Sandals. Sunhats. The smell of sunscreen. I love everything about summer.

Except for one thing. The dreaded “I’m booooored” phrase.

I know it’s coming. This summer I’m going to embrace it.

Here’s why. More…

5 Inspiring Travel Books for Kids

Summer break is officially here. No more planning school lunches or carpool schedules. Phew. The only thing we’re planning now is our family vacation. Yippee!

Whether you’re headed across town for a staycation or across the ocean for an overseas adventure, we think travel books for kids are the perfect way to get the whole family excited to hit the road. More…

Tips to Make Summer Reading Fun

Summer Reading

I love summer. Long, lazy days, warmer weather, sun-kissed everything. Life slows down a bit for our family allowing us more time to connect.

Our kids take a break from academic learning and instead learn through play and other real-life scenarios.

We take bike rides. We catch bugs. And we read–not because the teacher said so, but entirely for fun. More…

What I’ve Learned from My Daughter with Food Allergies

Soccer team picture

May 13-19 is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Chances are that if you have children, then you know someone with a food allergy.

Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies, including 6 million children under age 18. That’s 1 in 13 children, or roughly two in every classroom.

Here, contributing writer Danielle Murphy shares a glimpse into the life of her daughter with food allergies:

I have three kids and they’re each smart, loving and wonderfully unique. But there’s just something about my middle daughter. More…

How Getting a Puppy is Like Being a New Mom Again

Puppy love

I feel like a new mom all over again.

Puppyhood is stopping me in my tracks. 

As I write this, our new puppy is crying in the play pen. She can see me typing away, but she can’t get out to be near me. And this, I’m learning, is just one of many ways a new puppy is like having a baby. More…