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Sharing Our Love of Reading Aloud

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Reading Aloud

My husband and I have been reading aloud to our kids since they were in utero. Our love of books has made it an easy and fun activity.

As our kids have grown, we’ve continued to read aloud to them. Sharing a book together has been a special way to connect.

If you follow MarbleSpark happenings, you know about our literacy initiative, Project OpenBook, where we give away copies of our kids poetry book, The Yeti in My Freezer, to deserving kids without access to books at home.  

Our wish has always been to read the poems aloud to the kids and hand the books out individually rather than drop a pile of books at a nonprofit for distribution. We wanted to expand our love of reading aloud to kids besides our own! (more…)

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Through the Eyes of Our Favorite Children’s Book Illustrator

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

children's book illustrator

“If a book is a song performed by a band, the words are the lead singer and the illustrations are the instruments,” says MarbleSpark children’s book illustrator Brad Sneed. “A talented vocalist can sound great a cappella, but add a guitar, bass and drums…well, now you’ve got something!”

In honor of National Reading Day, we went one-on-one with Sneed, the children’s book illustrator who brought to life “Pipp” the mouse from Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas and “Felix Featherbottom” from Following Featherbottom. He is the talented artist behind all of the illustrations in MarbleSpark’s line of personalized children’s books.

Sneed has done the art for a number of other well-known children’s picture books including When the Wind Blows by Stacy Clark and The Pumpkin Runner by Marsha Dianne Arnold. He is also an in-demand school speaker and is renowned for his bird art prints and line of products.


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New Year’s Goal: Create a Family Motto

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

family motto

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions. But a while back, I read an article on a family who had created its own family motto and the idea really struck a chord with me.

So, what better time than the new year to create ours?

A family motto needs to be a phrase, or a few sentences, that speaks to each person in the family.

It should be inspiring. And simple.


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Parenting with Monthly Intentions

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Monthly Intentions

Set resolution. Break resolution. Does this sound familiar?

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, where I break said resolution after two weeks and feel like a failure with a capital F, I chose a word to describe my monthly intentions in 2018…and then tried my darndest to put it into action!

By setting an intention monthly, I could focus on one thing for 30 days rather than an entire year. The intentions I chose were to make me a better parent and by the same token, a better person.


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