5 Inspiring Travel Books for Kids

Summer break is officially here. No more planning school lunches or carpool schedules. Phew. The only thing we’re planning now is our family vacation. Yippee!

Whether you’re headed across town for a staycation or across the ocean for an overseas adventure, we think travel books for kids are the perfect way to get the whole family excited to hit the road.


Have you ever noticed that part of the fun of a family vacation is the anticipation of the trip?

I’ll never forget when we decided to surprise our kids with a trip to Disney. We woke them up the morning we were taking off on the trip. They were groggy, confused, and not nearly as excited as I thought they would be.

Of course, they quickly warmed up to the idea.

But I’ve noticed on subsequent family trips, that the anticipation of the trip itself is part of the fun for all of us.

The kids pack their travel backpacks weeks ahead of time. (I may edit down their choices while they’re sleeping since those painted rocks from the garden and headphones for the stuffed animals probably aren’t essential.)

We look at maps together and the kids have input in the sites that we’ll see.

Ready, Set, Read

And we read. Books are a great way to include the kids in the process and to get them excited about traveling.

Here are some of our top travel books for kids that are sure to inspire young minds.

Top 5: Travel Books for Kids (Ages 0-8)

Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss

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This classic may not seem like your typical travel book, but nobody would argue about it being inspiring for kids. “You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!”

It makes us want to go places!

Following Featherbottom by MarbleSpark

“Following Featherbottom” is the perfect book to inspire a love of travel in young kids. Plus, it’s personal and customizable, which makes it extra special.

Follow Felix Featherbottom and his sidekick Pierre du Pond as they race around the globe—Antarctica to Zimbabwe– finding the letters for your child’s name. You can select different destinations for Featherbottom’s journey and each keepsake book is personalized with the child’s birthday, nickname, dedication, and custom hardcover with your child’s name on it.

Good Night America by Adam Gamble

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My kids love the “Good Night” series by Adam Gamble. They were gifted “Good Night Chicago” from their grandma who lives in the windy city, and always love to read it before traveling to visit. Also, in the collection, “Good Night America” seems like the perfect road-tripping book, as it visits everything from the Everglades to the Golden Gate Bridge.

LaRue Across America: Postcards from the Vacation by Mark Teague

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This book, from award-winning author/illustrator Mark Teague, is just good travel-centered fun for kids in the 4- to 8-year-old age range.

Follow Ike LaRue, a dog, and his owner Gertrude LaRue, as they are forced to take a road trip with the next-door neighbor’s cats. It is one of a series of books featuring the LaRues and the cats who live next door.  Besides being funny, it’s the perfect opportunity to educate your kids on the ancient practice of sending paper postcards.

Atlas of Mini Adventures by Emily Hawkins

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Kids love pictures and tiny things (think Legos and Shopkins) so what could be better than this Atlas of Mini Adventures? The book explores seven continent maps and follows the best small-scale adventures on Earth, including the world’s smallest post office and the coral reefs with the smallest sea horse.

Plan Ahead

These are some of our favorite picks for children’s travel books for the youngest readers (ages 0-8).

Sometimes, the thought of flying on a plane or trying something new can cause anxiety for little ones.

But like with anything else, if you prepare them ahead of time, they will likely learn to love the journey. Books are a great way to get them excited and involved in the planning process.

“You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights,” as Dr. Seuss would say.

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