5 Reasons This Book is the Best Baby Gift

Best Baby Gift

Welcoming a baby into the world is a magical and life-altering experience.

An epic adventure like this calls for a gift in equal measure. We’ve heard countless times why gifting our personalized children’s book, Following Featherbottom, to new parents is the best baby gift.

5 Reasons This Book is the Best Baby Gift


1. Memorializes the Baby’s Name
Did you pore over baby name books when trying to decide on a name? Scour the internet for the hottest baby name trends? Or write down first names along with your last name to see how they looked on paper? Perhaps you called the baby his/her name out loud while pregnant just to see how it sounded.

We did all of the above and more! Choosing a name for your baby is agonizing. This is the first of many, many choices you will make as a parent. And it’s a biggie. Your name choice is what they’ll be called the rest of their life. No pressure!

Following Featherbottom memorializes the struggle of choosing the perfect baby name because the book is written around the name! The hardcover spells out the name on a banner carried by Felix Featherbottom, the stork who flies around the world gathering letters to make the baby’s name.


2. Tears of Joy
We didn’t set out to create a book that made parents cry, but that’s what happened along the way. Numerous times we’ve been told by parents that they cried when they received this book, read the story and realized it was made especially for their child.

Not sure how many other baby gifts receive this reaction!

“Thank you so much for the personalized book. It is absolutely adorable! We loved it so much it’s going to be our new go-to baby gift. I actually teared up a little when I read it the first time because it is so cute!” A happy customer

“Just read Following Featherbottom, made for my friend’s new son…made us both cry! What a wonderful idea, gift, tribute. You guys rock!” – Nancy S.

3. Personalized Keepsake
Often we’ve received the question as to what makes a personalized book, well, personalized. Simply put, it’s a book that is custom-made for the child….meaning every book is different.

In Following Featherbottom, you can choose to customize several features such as:

  • Baby’s Name (first, middle, last name or combinations of all)
  • Nickname
  • Birth Date
  • Gender
  • Dedication
  • Three hardcover color options
  • Multiple letter destinations

The personalized nature of the book makes it the perfect keepsake. It’s a gift the child (and parent) will treasure for a long time.  

4. Grows with the Baby
Following Featherbottom is not only a great book to read to a newborn, but it will grow with the baby. As the baby grows into a toddler, they will begin to learn to spell their name from recognizing the letters in the book and seeing how Felix spells out their name on each page.

“The books arrived. They are wonderful!! One thing I really like is that this is a book that grows with them. And now that I’ve seen them I’m placing another order!” ~ Rena C

Each letter page contains an “I Spy” component where there are multiple items to find on each page that start with that letter. An example for the letter page, “A” for Argentina is below.

I Spy

Can you find…Ace, Acorn, Almond, Alpaca, Amphibian, Andes mountains, Anteater, Anthill, Ants, Apple, Apron and Artist? Kids love this feature of the book!

“My brother and sister-in-law said they almost cried when the book arrived and they read it aloud for the first time. When the older daughters got home and read through it, they had a great time picking through each of the pages and finding everything that began with that letter.” ~ Karen B 

This personalized kids book also teaches kids about the world. The plot of the book is about the adventure Felix takes flying around the world to gather letters to make the baby’s name. Therefore he makes stops in many different cities/countries and each illustration depicts the culture of that city/country.  

At the end of the book, Felix leaves a map to retrace his tracks around the world. This is one of our favorite illustrations to show kids our big, beautiful world.

World Map

5. Encourages a Love of Reading
The gift of reading is a gift that never stops giving.  Research shows when babies are read aloud to as infants, early brain development skyrockets.

The research suggests “that the quantity and quality of book reading in early infancy predicted the size of a child’s vocabulary and early reading skills. Both quantity and quality of book reading in the toddler years predicted early literacy skills like name writing, beginning sound awareness and early reading skills.”  

These are powerful statistics, but the real power in reading to kids lies in the bond we develop with our children over a shared book, a shared moment of magic.

Our fans have said Following Featherbottom is one of their kids’ favorite books and they want to read it over and over and over (sorry parents if you’re sick of reading this book!). On the other hand, the brain food they are getting from reading it again and again and discovering something new each time is priceless.

“Dear Grandma Jodi ~ Thank you so much for the book. I can’t believe it is all about me! We’ve read it lots of times!” – Hanna (age 5)

You’ll Love Gifting This Book

Customers love gifting Following Featherbottom as much as the recipients love receiving it.

“The three books I got were a huge hit! This is my favorite gift to give newborns. There’s really nothing else like it. My friend called crying after she read it.” ~ Nicole W

“I had dinner with my boss a few weeks back and gave her the book for their new baby. She started to cry as she began reading the book, then turned to her husband and said, “This is the best gift we’ve gotten!” ~ Matt G

We hope you’ll think of us the next time you are looking to give one of the best baby gifts!

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