61 Ridiculously Cute Short Poems For Kids

The Absolute Best Short Poems for Kids

The Absolute Best Short Poems for Kids​

The single best way to forge an unbreakable bond with your kids: read to them.  

These short poems for kids gives you a chance as a parent, grandparent, godparent, teacher, aunt or uncle to connect with your child on a deeper level, and offer a specific, quick- but impactful- lesson that your child will hold near and dear to their heart forever.

Some of the poems are funny while others teach a valuable lesson. The best part? Your preschooler, elementary aged and even high schooler will enjoy them. And adults too!

According to Read Aloud, reading to children “promotes emerging literacy and language development and supports the relationship between child and parent.”

Taking time out of your busy day to read to your children- even for just a minute or two- shows your commitment and desire to connect with them.

There are 61 poems here, but don’t feel the need to go through all of these at once! Bookmark this page and read these poems incrementally over time.

If your child is reading on their own, encourage him/her to share and read their favorites to you. Happy reading to you and your little (or big) one!

61 Ridiculously Cute Short Poems For Kids


1. A Lemon’s Plea

Short Poems For Kids Photo 1

2. Holey Cow!

3. The Plum

4. The Circus

5. Fractured by Fractions

6. PB&J

7. Mispronunciations

8. Bear Dare

9. The Next Island

10. Beware the Thunder Bug

11. Words of Color

12. Perfect Timing

13. Broccoli

14. A Phoneless Lament

15. The Nose Picker

16. I Want to Play the Piccolo

17. I Gave the Poodle Bubble Gum

18. Book Club

19. Where Does Your Shadow Go At Night?

20. Tall Tales

21. Lucky Stew

22. My Pal Pookie

23. Less Work, More Play

24. Lost and Found

25. I Built My Bug a Rocket Ship

26. Giddy Up

27. My Friends

28. End of School?

29. Queen Aberdeen

30. I Don’t Feel So Good

31. Pies For Sale

32. There’s a Yeti In My Freezer

33. Well-Read Mice

34. Spring!

35. Fish Food

36. Big Mama Marley

37. Road Kill – It’s What’s For Dinner

38. Literalville

39. Tom and Holly

40. Before You Came Along

41. The Giant

(All of our short poems for kids have these insanely cute photos to go along with!)

42. Puddy Cat Pancake

43. The Amazing Wish Machine

44. Back Scratcher

45. Super Spy

46. Temporary Tattoo

47. Super Hero

48. Two Wolves

49. Silly Rules

50. The Cookie Pirate

51. The ‘Tater Savior

52. El Destructo

53. The Linchpin

54. Wild Hare

55. The Magic Trick

56. Astronaut Soup

57. In Kind

58. Feeling Much Better

59. The Mailbox Monster

60. Too Grown Up to Look Up

61. The Choc-O-Dile

Project OpenBook: TheChocodile

What did you think!? Did you love these short poems for kids, or what? We hope you enjoyed every single one of them, and more importantly connected with your child.

We would love to know what you (or your child’s) favorite poems were. What did you learn from them?

Let’s continue to grow together and make impactful connections with the special children in our lives. We remember reading poems in primary school and still appreciate the authors’ wittiness and playfulness.

We hope these short poems for kids are ones that your child will remember years down the road too!

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