A Lemon’s Plea

I can see you’re looking dour,
So I’ve stopped by your address.
It seems that life delivers me
To folks most in distress.
Judging from that dismal scowl,
You’ve had some lousy luck.
Perhaps you lost your tennis match,
Or your radiator’s stuck?
In any case, take my advice –
Tomorrow’s a new day!
Look on the bright side; crack a smile
And I’ll be on my way.
There’s no need for that juicer…
Take a breath and count to three.
Lemonade may cheer your mood,
But it spells the end for me.

Jesse Anna BornemannWritten by Jesse Anna Bornemann.
Illustrated by Allie Biondi.

This illustrated poem was created for Project OpenBook, an experiment in doing good.

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