A Letter to My Middle Schooler

I wrote a letter (okay, more like a poem) to our oldest son who starts middle school this week. Yes, it’s sappy, but it was therapeutic to write. He gave me permission to post it. Perhaps other moms out there can relate to their children growing up…too quickly.  


Today when you walked out the door

I knew my heart wouldn’t be as before


You say, “Mom, it’s just middle school. What’s the big deal?”

I pause and think, “Oh, child, if you really knew how I feel.”


You see years ago I heard your heartbeat inside of me

And in that instant I knew who I wanted to be


A mom. Your mom. And a good one too

But little did I know what ups and downs would ensue


Like throwing you in the air as you giggled with glee

Or the tantrums you’d throw while I pretended not to see


Seeing your face light up when you learned to read

And the tears you cried when a cut started to bleed


You made me a mom and I’ve tried my best

Though at times I’ve failed and been put to the test


These next years may be trying and difficult I know

You want to grow up but I want time to slow


I’ll try to remember what it was like to be your age

How I also wanted to do what was all the rage


You’ll make mistakes along the way

Your ‘ol mom has made a few, that’s easy to say


But I pray God will guide your mind and your heart

And help mine to still when you tell me the scary parts


Be brave when brave isn’t in style

Honest when it would be easier to fake smile


Stay kind and generous in spirit

God’s voice is always there, if you listen for it


There will be those who say you’re not good enough

Remember who you are when the going gets tough


I couldn’t be prouder of who’ve you become

And I’m bursting with love that will never be undone


I will always see you as my little boy

One who has brought me so much laughter and joy


So, my darling son, you will always be a part of me

No matter how near or far you happen to be


You are off to new adventures and many without me

But know your mom is there when you need to just be


Today is another stepping stone – we only get one shot

Take it by the horns – make it one not to be forgot


Love always,


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