About Us

Our Plan

We are dreamers and do-gooders. Our plan is straightforward:

  1. Make you the most mindblowing personalized book you’ve ever seen.
  2. Give a book to a kid who doesn’t own one. Learn more.
  3. Repeat

Our Story

In 2005, we were expecting our first child (Phil here). I really wanted to give our future child(ren) a one-of-a-kind gift. So one weekend I decided to write a personalized storybook. Ten years – and three kids – later, that “weekend project” is still keeping us busy!

Marblespark means “mindblowing”

The name MarbleSpark speaks to our hope of igniting imaginations. Marble is meant figuratively, as in brain or noggin’ – like, “Have you lost your marbles?” And Spark means ignition, explosion, and combustion. For us MarbleSpark isn’t just a name – it’s a mission.

Cofounder and author, Phil Haussler, reading to his children.

Phil Haussler

Husband to Stacey. Father to three sons. Tinkerer. Writer. Poet. Adventurer. Phil leads MarbleSpark from Omaha, Nebraska. More…

Stacey Haussler

Wife to Phil. Mom of three boys. Stacey leads day-to-day operations of MarbleSpark from Omaha, Nebraska.

Brad Sneed

Husband to Dena. Father to Emily. Imaginator. Landscaper. Wildlife watcher. Celebrated illustrator (and sometimes author) of over twenty children’s books. Brad runs product design from Prairie Village, Kansas. More…

Ken Wiebke

Husband to Heather. Father to Victoria and Taylor. Technology geek. Rabid Husker fan. Mountain biker and soccer dad. Ken brings the technical magic behind MarbleSpark to life from Overland Park, Kansas.

People Say The Nicest Things

“Just read Following Featherbottom, made for my friend’s new son…made us both cry! What a wonderful idea, gift, tribute. You guys rock!”

– Nancy S.

“Dear Grandma Jodi ~ Thank you so much for the book. I can’t believe it is all about me! We’ve read it lots of times! thanks~ Love Hanna”

– Hanna (age 5)

OMG! This book is amazing! You should have seen how big her eyes got when she realized it was about her! Amazing. Definitely her most favorite book ever!

– Hanna’s Mom