Barb Bjornson

Tell us a bit about yourself
I live in Minnesota with my husband and very mellow adopted cat named Sundance. I have 2 lovely daughters and very soon my husband I will be first time grandparents. I have illustrated 4 children’s books. My studio is filled with stuffed animals and dolls that have many stories to tell; it’s never quiet where I work.

What’s your passion? What makes you tick?
I love the magic of great stories and illustrations that can swoop you to another land or take you on an adventure. I love it when I am working on my art and lose all track of time, sometimes the images come alive for me right on the page as I am working, that’s when I know the magic is alive. ( By the way, my favorite word is “magic”, can you tell?)

What’s your wildest dream for Project OpenBook?
That from this wonderful project, we can help as many girls as possible achieve their dreams.

Where can people find out more about you?

Barb’s OpenBook works
I Gave The Poodle Bubble Gum