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The Personalized Book, God Whispered Your Name

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

A question we often receive is, “How do you come up with your stories?” The best person to answer that question is our author, Phil Haussler.

We sat down with Phil to learn about his inspiration for our personalized book, God Whispered Your Name. (more…)

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Sleep Schedule for a Baby: Tips From a Pro

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

sleep schedule for a baby

How do you create a healthy sleep schedule for a baby?

The key, says Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant Kelly Robson of Baby Bliss Consulting, is to promote healthy sleep habits from–or even before–day one. As the mom of four boys (ages 13, 11 and twins who are 8), Robson speaks from experience.

“I truly believe HBOTB (Happiest Baby on the Block) saved us with the twins,” says Robson. “I had been an educator for two years when they were born and we used all of those tips and tricks to soothe during the day and night.”

A few years before her twins were born, Robson started doing in-home consultations for families with newborns–teaching them to soothe babies and increase sleep. Since then, she has become a certified pediatric sleep consultant and helps families with newborns up to age 4.

Robson teaches Happiest Baby on the Block and Safe With You–preventing SIDS/ AHT / & Child Abuse & Neglect, as well as baby-sign language classes and potty training and support.

Here, Robson offers some of her tips for creating a healthy sleep schedule for a baby.


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How to Create an Organized Reading Space for Kids

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

reading space for kids

Red ones. Blue ones. Old ones. New ones. Our house is overflowing with kids’ books.

We decided to consult professional organizer Kacie Ferrazzo, owner of Get Organized Omaha, for some tips on creating an organized reading space for kids.

Ferrazzo specializes in home decluttering and enjoys working with her clients to help them get control of their home and create a more joyful, simplified personal space.

We’re hoping a more organized space will make those old books seem new again and reignite a love of reading.


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Through the Eyes of Our Favorite Children’s Book Illustrator

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

children's book illustrator

“If a book is a song performed by a band, the words are the lead singer and the illustrations are the instruments,” says MarbleSpark children’s book illustrator Brad Sneed. “A talented vocalist can sound great a cappella, but add a guitar, bass and drums…well, now you’ve got something!”

In honor of National Reading Day, we went one-on-one with Sneed, the children’s book illustrator who brought to life “Pipp” the mouse from Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas and “Felix Featherbottom” from Following Featherbottom. He is the talented artist behind all of the illustrations in MarbleSpark’s line of personalized children’s books.

Sneed has done the art for a number of other well-known children’s picture books including When the Wind Blows by Stacy Clark and The Pumpkin Runner by Marsha Dianne Arnold. He is also an in-demand school speaker and is renowned for his bird art prints and line of products.


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