Connect With The Child In Your Life: Make A Reading Nook Together

Connect With The Child In Your Life- Make A Reading Nook Together (2)

If you are a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, godparent, grandparent, older sibling or simply just friends with a younger child, you probably know how incredibly difficult it is to connect with them in this day and age. With all of the tv shows, ipads, ipods, iphones, computers… it’s rare to get your children to want to put down the electronics and spend some quality screen free time with you. A good way to connect is to start and finish a project together. We have compiled some reading nook ideas for you to create with the child in your life!

Once you’ve created a designated, cozy reading space, grab a book and read to your little one.

In time, they’ll forget different shows and electronic games, but reading a good book, with someone you look up to, is not easily forgettable.

Does the home have an already perfectly carved out space for a reading nook?

The look of your reading nook is going to depend on your house.

Some houses come with perfect little spaces, such as a built in bench by a window, a perfectly carved out space in a wall, a hidden room under the stairwell, a (not scary) attic and so on.

So if the home that you are creating the reading nook in already has a perfect carved out space, then take advantage of it!

Make The Space Cozy

To make it cozy, run to a Target or TJ Maxx to pick out a whole bunch of throw pillows and cushions with your little one.

If there’s already a carved out window bench then get a cushion for it. Think comfort! If the child isn’t comfy he/she won’t want to hang out in there.  

Other options depending on your budget:

  • Area Rugs
  • String Lights
  • Blankets
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Canopies
  • Curtains
  • Artwork (maybe a framed piece of art that your little Picasso created at school!)

***It’s going to be hard as the adult to let your child pick out whatever he/she wants- because us adults have Pinterest with all sorts of fancy images filling our heads- but just remember this is about connecting and creating good memories with your child. So be gentle- and allow the child’s personality to come through with the reading nook decor.

Enclose The Space

If there is already a space for the reading nook then think about how to make it more cozy.

Maybe a fun curtain can close off the space, or you can hang a net from the ceiling to enclose the space, making it cozy and airy at the same time.

Tent canopies are great options too.

If he/she wants it to feel more like a fort or hideout, then that’s okay too! There aren’t any rules, other than to have fun creating the space! 

Decide Where The Books Will Go

Perhaps the most important part of the reading nook! Where are the books going to go?

Here are a few options:

  • Stand alone shelves on the wall, short or long depending on wall space
  • Bookcase
  • Chest
  • Baskets

Simple Reading Nook Ideas

A reading nook doesn’t have to be extravagant to be special. The simpler the better. You don’t have to spend all sorts of money. And if you don’t already have a nook space in your home, you can easily create one. 


You can either create a teepee or an A-frame tent. Or you can buy one. There are tons of tutorials online that will show you how to create your own. Here is one tutorial that we like!

How To Make A Teepee


7 Thoughtful, Simple Reading Nook Ideas

(The below photos came from Babble)

1. Sweet & Simple

Placing cushions on the floor in a designated space is a great, simple reading nook idea for children.

This particular space looks like one for a slightly older child, but you get the picture! Any cushion will do, with fun pillows and maybe some sort of hanging canopy.



2. For The Wild Ones (:

This is a total DIY Nook!

The clouds are hand made from cardboard, and the tent is handmade too!

If you have a crafty one on your hands, something similar to this reading nook might be a great idea!


 3. Closet Getaway

This reading nook is just a closet with the doors taken off.

Simple, cozy and fun.

It’d be fun to paint the closet with your child, and pick out a cool lamp to place inside.

The books just go on the closet shelves. Easy peasy!


4. Hanging About

Hanging some sort of a hammock from the ceiling is another really cute idea! This person got creative and made this tree out of tissue paper. If you don’t quite have that amount of time on your hands that’s okay! Putting a large photo in the background along with book shelves is just as cute and thoughtful.


5. Curtain Delight

Curtain dividers, book shelves and a bean bag.

Can’t get much simpler than this.

There’s lots of room to be creative with a space like this, and really let the child’s personality shine.


6. Simple Book Case

A couple of book cases sectioned off is all this little nook needed.

Pillows, stuffed animals and other trinkets make it personalized and cozy.


7. Vintage Chic

This one is really fun, with a rocking horse, puppet and vintage pillows.

If your little one has a thing for really good design- then this nook is all theirs!

Really if you think about it, it wasn’t too much to create.

Fun wallpaper, a cushion and pillows truly make the space.


There you have it! Nothing beats connecting with the little one in your life. Creating a designated reading space with them is a great way to bond and make memories. Whether it’s a space they have at grandma’s house or a space in their very own home- either way, they’ll love it, especially when their imagination takes them on an epic adventure in the next children’s book they read! If you have any other nook ideas for kids please feel free to share your photos with us. We would absolutely love to see them!


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