How to Create a Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Father's Day scavenger hunt

As I look ahead on the calendar, Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a day to celebrate the father figures in our lives and let them know how much they are appreciated and loved.

You can show them how much they mean to you in many different ways. Some ideas include spending the day together, a phone call if they don’t live nearby, a purchased gift, breakfast in bed (a favorite in our house), a homemade card, an acrostic poem or a simple hug and “I love you”…the ideas are endless!

A few years ago, the kids decided to create a Father’s Day scavenger hunt. They love suspense and the element of surprise and are fans of scavenger hunts themselves. What better way to show their dad love than to create one just for him!

Getting Started

There are many types of scavenger hunts, but we decided to create a clue-based hunt since it was more geared toward adults. If you are making a kid-friendly scavenger hunt, they might prefer door-to-door or picture-based hunts, especially if the children are younger.

Decide if the hunt will take place indoors or outdoors. We chose indoors since we knew the hunt would happen first thing in the morning.

If dad has a particular hobby or interest, you might want to create a theme for the scavenger hunt. For example, if dad enjoys golf, you might make the clues about that sport; if he likes music, the clues would be themed around music. A few other ideas include movies, food or superheroes.

If your child is into superheroes, take it one step further and have your child dress up in their favorite superhero costume for a superhero-themed hunt! 

What You Need

Creative ideas for clues

The kids can write the clues on strips of paper that will be hidden around the house. Get creative with markers or use pen/pencil like our kids did.

The prize is for the end of the scavenger hunt. Choose something dad will like…which in our case was a jar of jellybeans and a round of golf.

Father's Day prize

Creating Clues

Creating the clues and deciding where to hide them is the best part about making the hunt. Decide how many clues dad will find. Our kids made up six rhyming clues. Here are a few examples:

“You’ll find this clue next to something that has a face and hands but cannot see.” Did you guess it? A clock!

Once dad finds the clock, he’ll also find the next clue. “Something that helps the world stay green.” The answer was the recycling bin. The next clue read:

“This is where you’d find something to read.” This was our bookcase.

The next clue would be hidden by the bookcase and so forth. The hunt could last as long as you want, depending on how many clues are hidden and how long you think dad will enjoy this little game!

Making Memories

The kids still talk about creating the Father’s Day scavenger hunt for their dad a few years later. They enjoyed seeing dad find the clues as much as dad did. And we still have the candy jar in our pantry filled with candy!

As I wrote this post and we reminisced about them creating the hunt, they decided it was time to create another one for this year’s Father’s Day.

I can’t wait to see their creativity in action as they make another memory with their dad.

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