El Destructo

There’s a rumor going ’round
‘Bout a new bad guy in town.
They call him El Destructo.
‘Cause he wrecks what we construct-o.

First he broke our tower.
And threw it in the shower.
And sissy’s poor ol’ doll…
She took a nasty fall.

…bit the head off my dinosaur.
…broke my favorite marble jar.
…took a whiz in the flower pot.
…he leaves a trail of green snot.

He’s always itchin’ to pick a fight,
Loves to hit and scratch and bite.
He gave the dog a bad haircut.
Now she’s just an ol’ bare mutt.

And that is why they’ve hired me.
To end this senseless wrecking spree.
So I am on this mission
To end the demolition.

And I’ve set this laundry trap.
So when he comes by…SNAP!
Unless I get caught by mother,
‘Cause El Destructo’s my kid brother.

Phil HausslerWritten by Phil Haussler.
Illustrated by Brad Sneed.

This illustrated poem was created for Project OpenBook, an experiment in doing good.

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