Embrace the Changing Seasons of Childhood

changing seasons

There’s something about the change of seasons in the Midwest that always gets me thinking about the changing seasons in our own lives.

As we say goodbye to flip flops and lemonade stands–and as the leaves turn colors and fall–I also become more aware of the changing seasons of my kids’ lives. 

One child got a phone this year and has started making plans with friends—for the first time, the kind of plans that are not organized and approved by the moms. 

He’s graduated from the pumpkin patch to REAL haunted houses. 

One started a new school this year and seems to have grown up overnight. She’s shutting herself in her room after school and doing her homework without me. 

I’m so proud of her for being a responsible young woman, but part of me mourns the days when we would cuddle in to practice spelling together. 

One is still a baby in my eyes—and is thankfully still a cuddler–but even this one has started requesting shell necklaces, a Hydroflask and Vans. 

changing seasons

 An Ode to Seasons Past

Maybe it’s the cooler weather that’s approaching, but I do feel a sort of mourning for the season that is now in the rearview mirror.

Warm weather. Long days at the pool. Dinners on the deck that we throw together as the sun goes down. 

Just as I loved the passing summer, I also loved that passing season of our lives—the one when I got to pick out the kids’ Halloween costumes.

(Are you sure I can’t get anybody to wear this cute dalmation costume this year???)

I loved the season of our lives when we could plan family vacations anytime of the year and not worry about school and sports schedules. 

I loved listening to Little Einsteins and Paw Patrol in the background as we baked cookies or colored or carved pumpkins.

I loved holding their little hands in public.

I loved the countless walks to the park. And stopping to help tie shoes. And the wagon.

I loved snuggling in at bedtime to read Goodnight Moon for the thousandth time.

changing seasons

Cherish the Season You’re In

But I know the season we are in will go by in a flash and it will bring its own moments to be cherished. 

Kids that can put away their own laundry.

And one that can mow the yard on his own. 

Kids that say “Please” and “Thank You” without being reminded. 

And hold the doors open for strangers. 

I look forward to more family vacations where we don’t have to plan our schedule around nap times. And can relax at the pool while the kids swim on their own.

I look forward to discussing the books that the kids are reading because they are some of the same ones that I am reading.

And going as a family to movies that are not animated. (“Yesterday,” anyone?)

And being the chaperone at music concerts—ones that I have to go to because the kids like it, but I secretly love too.

changing seasons

Embrace the Changing Seasons

I know the weather may be less predictable in the season to come. 

No more naptimes. (Unless it’s after a sleepover with friends.)

No more early bedtimes. (Unless it’s after a sleepover with friends.)

No more playdates. (“Mom, don’t use the word ‘playdate!’”)

But I also know that the season ahead is full of pumpkin lattes, cozy sweaters and s’mores by the firepit. 

And even though soon my kids will be the ones ordering the lattes and picking out their own sweaters, it is a new season that I’m ready to embrace.

Perfect cuddle weather.

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