Giving Through Books = Gratitude, Laughter and Smiles

Giving Through Books

The old adage, “Giving is better than receiving” rings true for us at MarbleSpark.

There are many ways to give to others, but giving through books is our favorite. A book can spark a child’s imagination and is a gift that can be opened again and again.

Through our literacy initiative, Project OpenBook, we donated 1,000 copies of our kids poetry book, The Yeti in My Freezer, to deserving kids last week. It was a week chock-full of gratitude, laughter and smiles.

Yeti books

Giving Through Books = Gratitude

We want to give a big shout-out and thank you to the wonderful folks at DIBS for Kids! We couldn’t have done the book drop without their help. We partnered with DIBS last December for our first book drop.

Their mission is “to ensure every child in Omaha is supported to read a book at home, every night, for fun.” They have set up mini libraries in classrooms so kids who otherwise might not have books at home to read, now do.

Our ongoing partnership means when new kids enter the DIBS program, they will also receive a copy of The Yeti in My Freezer. Unlike the DIBS books students borrow and return, our book stays home for good. It’s a keeper!

Since DIBS already has relationships with the schools, they make it seamless for us to do the book drops. DIBS works with the teachers to arrange a read aloud of the book in the classroom. It’s one of our very favorite parts.

Another big thank you goes to Edge Magazine and Business4Business Professional Society for their generous donation of $600 towards the purchase of the books. Every penny helps us to further our literacy mission!

Giving Through Books = Laughter

In a previous post, we talked about how Project OpenBook came to be and all those who helped along the way. Our dream was to create a community-built children’s poetry book to give away to kids in need.

Why a collection of children’s poems?

Well, since this book was a collaboration, poems were the perfect way to allow others to contribute.

More importantly, we wanted to create a book that made kids laugh and want to keep reading. Our kids love to read the works of Shel Silverstein so we set out to create a collection of poems that are silly and imaginative. Also the poems rhyme, which makes it a great tool for emerging readers.

One of the best parts about sharing our poems with the students is hearing them giggle and laugh. We’ve done a read aloud in every school we’ve visited. The poems truly come alive when they are read aloud to the kids.

Poems for kids

Giving Through Books = Smiles

At the end of our classroom read alouds, we tell the kids they get to take a copy of The Yeti in My Freezer home. To keep.

The smiles and cheers when they hear this are the best present we could receive. We hope they enjoy the books for years to come and share them with others.

Read aloud

To date, we’ve given away 2,750 copies of The Yeti in My Freezer and can’t wait to give away more.

Thank you for your support of MarbleSpark. When you purchase our personalized books, you help us give away more books to deserving kids.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” – St. Francis of Assisi

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