How Personalized Children’s Books Engage Kids

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*This post was written by Caitlin, a member of the MarbleSpark team.*

Why Personalization?

Who doesn’t like a gift or product that is personalized especially for them?

Personalization has been on an upward trend over the past few years. We value products that are made specifically for us and tailored to our unique needs. It makes us feel appreciated and more connected.

And, above all of that, it is more than just a product; it is a memory!

Personalization has the power to really grab our attention and make us feel extra special. This experience with a personalized product captures our hearts and causes us to hold the product near and dear to our hearts.

Personalized Children’s Books

Knowing just how much of a positive effect personalization has, who says it has to be limited to adults?

It doesn’t! There are so many products out there that can be personalized for kids. See some of our older blog posts for personalized toddler gifts, Baptism gifts, and Christmas gifts.

But, there is one personalized product that has even more benefits: personalized children’s books. As you will see momentarily, there are seven primary benefits of personalized books.

With this said, there are many varying forms of personalized children’s books. Some books just drop the child’s name throughout the book. Others merely add the child’s photo and name to the front. Most of these books are inserting all of your child’s information into a basic plot.

But, here at Marblespark, the books are created with the child in mind. Each book was created to take the child on his or her own journey.

Whether they are finding the letters of their name by going on a journey around the world in Following Featherbottom or they are welcoming a little brother or sister in Every Hero Needs a Sidekick, the books truly engage the child and even the parents! It is all about the moment of excitement when a child reads the book.

7 Benefits to Personalized Children’s Books

You may be thinking, what are the benefits of personalization and more specifically personalized children’s books? Well, let me tell you. Here are seven benefits of personalized children’s books.

1. Builds self-esteem

To start, personalized children’s books build self-esteem and boost confidence. In seeing themselves as the star of the story, they are assured or reassured that they are important.

And, as they see themselves taking on these adventures they believe that they can do great things and overcome obstacles that they may face. It gives them the little boost they need to remember that they are special!

2. Encourages reading

Personalized children’s books also encourage reading. When children see their name in the story, they are more interested in the story. They are also more motivated to continue reading the story and read it many more times!

These stories have the power to really capture the child’s attention. As a result, these books bring back the joy of reading and reduce screen time.

3. Language and Comprehension

Personalized children’s books also increase the child’s language and comprehension skills. By encouraging the child to read more often, he or she is able to improve his or her reading skills.

4. Names and Spelling

This personalization proves even more beneficial for children who have unique names and spellings, as it is hard to find an item at a souvenir shop that has your correct spelling or even your name!

But, rest assured, with personalized children’s books, your child’s name is guaranteed to be in the book and spelled correctly.

5. Enable them to be the main characters and take part in the adventures

In making the child the main character of the book and allowing him or her to take part in the adventures, the child’s imagination goes wild! This helps with their creative and analytical thinking. These adventures inspire them and give them increased creativity overall.

6. Excitement when they hear their name in the story

Imagine the excitement when a child is reading a book and sees and hears his or her name! What a surprise!

This is the spark that a child gets when his or her mind is blown.

This is what Marblespark is all about; igniting excitement in children and making them feel as special as they are through the power of personalization and reading!

7. Treasured Keepsake

Above all else, personalized children’s books are one of the best gifts. They increase the connection between the child and the gift giver with personalized dedications, and are much more memorable than other gifts.

Personalized children’s books are thoughtful gifts that truly stand out. And, even better, they make amazing keepsakes. A child will always keep and cherish this special gift. It will become a memory and will remind them of the time they spent reading it and who they read it with!

Unique and Special Gifts

After hearing all of that, why wouldn’t you buy more personalized products and more specifically personalized children’s books? They are unique and special gifts that have the power to impact a child’s life in a positive way!

If you are interested in learning more about Marblespark and our personalized children’s books, check out at

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