How to Create an Organized Reading Space for Kids

reading space for kids

Red ones. Blue ones. Old ones. New ones. Our house is overflowing with kids’ books.

We decided to consult professional organizer Kacie Ferrazzo, owner of Get Organized Omaha, for some tips on creating an organized reading space for kids.

Ferrazzo specializes in home decluttering and enjoys working with her clients to help them get control of their home and create a more joyful, simplified personal space.

We’re hoping a more organized space will make those old books seem new again and reignite a love of reading.

MarbleSpark: What is the ideal size for a reading space for kids? 

KF: You don’t need a lot of space, just somewhere that is inviting! Make sure the books are all visible and the child can reach them.

reading space for kids

Keep books down low for easy access, as Ferrazzo did with this client’s closet.

MarbleSpark: What spaces have you used to create a reading nook?

KF: I think it’s important to choose a space they spend time in regularly and somewhere they feel comfortable. Children’s bedrooms and playrooms tend to work well. It depends on the child.

If it makes the most sense to create a space in a main living area where the family spends the most time, then put a bean bag or some comfortable chair in that space.

I’ve seen a lot of reading nooks created out of closet shelves and an overstuffed kids chair.

MarbleSpark: What should be included in the space?

KF: If there is lots of natural light, that is ideal! Otherwise, make sure there is good lighting.

Include an inviting, comfortable place to sit.

reading space for kids

A space with lots of natural light works well for reading.

MarbleSpark: How can you make it somewhere the child wants to hang out?

KF: Set the example and spend time reading with your child in the reading area to encourage independent reading time.

Let your child help organize the books. Periodically go through your book collection. Change books around. For fun, do something like organize by color, by size or by author.

If you have more than one child, rotate books out as your child grows. If for example, you have two children and they each have their own reading area, maybe it’s time to pass some books down to the younger child.

reading space for kids

Grouping books by color, size or author can help you stay organized.

MarbleSpark: What is the best way to organize children’s books?

KF: The best way to organize books is to have a designated book spot. So often books can land everywhere. I recommend having a main reading hub with a couple additional baskets filled with some books in two other areas of the home.

If you struggle to keep your bookshelf organized because books fall over, consider adding in some magazine holders to keep books separated and upright.

As your child grows, the organization style may change. Maybe a younger child would not be capable of keeping books organized by color, for example, but may enjoy it at a certain point.

MarbleSpark: Any specific ideas for keeping it organized?

KF: If books have a designated “home,” then it will be easier to return to the proper spot. Have returning books to their home be a part of the regular picking-up process.

MarbleSpark: Any other organization tips that you have for a child’s space?

KF: Have the child be accountable for keeping their space tidy.

Make sure all toys have a home.

Before children play in a new area of the home, make sure they pick up the current play area. If there are friends over, tell them they may have a snack, etc. after they’ve picked up.

reading space for kids

Make sure all toys have a home. We love this colorful bin storage that Ferrazzo used for a client.

Reignite a Love of Reading

We think a dedicated reading nook might be the perfect way to get kids re-energized about their book collection!

Before founding Get Organized Omaha, Ferrazzo had a 12-year career in Human Resources, which included a position as a Branch Manager for a national staffing firm followed by a position as a Recruiter for Mutual of Omaha.  She believes that every situation is unique and loves tackling each new project and seeing results. Ferrazzo is married and has two children, ages 6 and 3.

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