I Want to Play the Piccolo

This poem is for Project OpenBook, a community-built children’s book. Details below.

I want to play the piccolo;
You can have the flute–
‘Cause when it comes to making noise
The piccolo’s quite astute.

I want to play the piccolo;
Forget about the drum–
Piccolo’s the instrument
For making eardrums numb.

The trumpet has its followers,
The trombone does okay,
But the piccolo has got a sound
That blasts them both away.

I want to play an instrument
That cuts through all the rest,
I want to give each piece I play
My ear-split-ting-est best.

I love its penetrating sound,
I relish how it shrieks,
I adore its strident, treble voice,
Its lovely, high-pitched screech.

I want to play the piccolo,
So you can keep the flute.
I like a sound that really hurts–
Besides, it’s kind of cute!

Karen Bjork KubinWritten by Karen Bjork Kubin.
Illustrated by Courtney Pippin-Mathur.
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