If you’re looking for a miracle, look at your hands


Have you looked at your hands lately?

Both of my kids were enthralled by their hands.  As infants, they would stare at their hands with absolute wonder.  I imagine they were just starting to sense that their hands belonged to them and they had some (limited) control over these amazing contraptions.

During the midnight service on Christmas Eve, I looked down at my hands and suddenly had that same sense of utter amazement.  The human hand is really a miraculous contraption.  One of the challenges we grown-ups face is losing our sense of wonder.  So take a second and look down at your hands.  Turn them over.  Tap each finger to each thumb.  You might just see a miracle there.

As I wrote this down, I was also struck by the layered meaning.  This is a lesson I hope to teach back to my own kids: when it comes to miracles, fate favors active hands.

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