About Jess Commins

Jess ComminsJess Commins is, as she puts it, “a creative word nerd”.  She’s also a peach of a gal.  She lives in Garner, North Carolina with her husband and son (who — as you can see in this heat-map — has a much warmer body temperature than Jess).

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m just a mom who happens to make sustainable attainable when she’s not busy defeating supervillains with her boy or making awesome homemade dinners. I like indie rock (that might mean something different for anyone born in the ’80s) and I love hockey. Oh, and I love helping people. If everyone did, the world could be healed in a matter of days…

What’s your passion? What makes you tick?
My biggest passion is to live a life that will be bigger than I am. And I’m really not that big… (comparatively speaking)

What’s your wildest dream for Project OpenBook?
I would love nothing more than to learn that a little girl found an education and became a mom-writer. I can’t imagine a cooler reality… (it’d be nice if Oprah gave OpenBook the attention it deserves, too — short-term dream)

Where can people get more of you?
You can read my musings at www.renewabelle.com or via Twitter.

Jess’ OpenBook Poems
Fish Food