Kids Tell Us What Makes a Real Superhero


We recently asked a group of kids: Who is your real-life superhero?

We thought it was the perfect way to honor all the brave first responders and civilians who did superhero things on Sept. 11.

According to talking points for the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, one important way to talk to little ones about the day is to emphasize hope and to focus on the stories of the first responders and others doing good to help others.

And on a such somber day, there really is nothing like little kids to boost your faith in humanity!

What makes a superhero? Who is your real-life superhero?

“The characteristics are smart, loyal, friendly, caring, loving and being able to help people in need. A vet because they help animals and take care of animals.”

-Josephine, age 9


“Respects others, is brave and is nice.”

–Walter, age 7

“Strength and power. Mo Salah because I love soccer and he is awesome and loves soccer too. He seems like he’s just a good person.”

-Colin, age 9

“Someone that helps and loves people. Dad and mom because they help me when I’m feeling sad.”

-Lila, age 9


“Mom because she does stuff for me like cook dinner and help me study stuff.”

-Owen, age 9

“If you have super powers. The Army because they protect our nation.”

-Kendall, age 11



-Ellie, age 8

“They are strong, brave and they help people to get the bad guys away. A police officer because they help people in car accidents. If there is ever a fire, a police officer comes too.”

-Quinn, age 4


We also found a group of boys who didn’t want their identities revealed (very superhero-like) but had very strong visions of their real-life superheroes.

Who is your real-life superhero?

“Mom and Dad because they do the right thing, usually don’t yell, are nice and take care of me.” -boy, age 9

“My Grandpa. He delivered mail for many years and got hurt doing it, but he’s still going and fighting even though he’s had many surgeries.”-boy, age 13

“Parents are superheroes because they raise kids and teach them important life lessons and stuff.”-boy, age 11

“God because he’s really nice and he protects people.”-boy, age 5

“My Opa who was in the war. He was brave to fight for our country.” -boy, age 13

“Captain America. He’s really good. He slices the bad guys. And Batman. Because he flies.”- boy, age 5

“My little brother cuz he loves Easter bunnies, he likes to play outside and maybe he likes to go to arcades.”-boy, age 4 (with a little brother who is 19 months)

At MarbleSpark, we also believe in the superhero powers of big brothers and big sisters, who can be super giggle-makers and super full of love for their new younger siblings.


Talking to Kids about 9/11

For more ideas on talking to your kids about the events of Sept. 11, consider these talking points from the website for the 9/11 Memorial in New York City:


-Don’t avoid difficult conversations

-Be prepared

-Reassure children of their safety

-Answer questions about the attacks with facts

-Acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers

-Be specific

-Monitor the TV and internet

-Emphasize hope

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