Maiden voyage


We’re pulling up anchor.  Raising the mast.  Leaving port.  Setting sail.  Pointing our bow toward the edge of the earth and hoping it’s round after all.

After four years of hard work, of highs and lows, of faith and doubt, we’re finally ready.

I could write a book about what it’s taken to get to this point.  About the friendships made, the relationships strained, all the monumental effort, joy and pain that went into this idea called MarbleSpark.  But there will be time for looking back later.

Right now I want to look ahead.  Right now I want to talk about what this is.  And what we believe it can become.

First, the name.  Why MarbleSpark?  It speaks to our goal of igniting minds.  Marble is meant figuratively, as in brain, noggin’, noodle – like, “Have you lost your marbles?”.  And Spark suggests ignition, explosion, combustion.   We want to spark creativity, spark curiosity, spark imagination.  For you and for the kids in your life.  MarbleSpark isn’t just a name, it’s a mission.

So what is MarbleSpark?  We’re a publisher of amazing books.  For now, that’s Following Featherbottom, a personalized storybook that tells the story of your child’s name.  But we hope there will be many, many more amazing books to come.

But our dreams don’t stop with selling a ton of books.  We started MarbleSpark with the dream of making an impact.  We’ve got a plan to give away a boatload of books to kids that need them most.  We’ll tell you more about that plan over the coming months.

And that’s where this blog comes in. We don’t know exactly where this journey will take us.  But it will be an adventure.

And we’re hoping you’ll ride along.  We’re hoping you’ll participate – through your comments and input.  We’re hoping you’ll share this with everyone you know.  We’re hoping you’ll be a part of it.

So climb aboard.  Bookmark this site.  Add it to your RSS feed.  Or follow along on Facebook or Twitter. Anchors aweigh!

Photo by Holy7th.

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