Maria Bogade

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a children’s book illustrator and animation artist from Germany. I am a mother of two amazing girls and spouse to a wonderful man. As a freelance animation artist I’ve had the pleasure to work with Studio SOI on award winning projects like “The Gruffallo” and many other great projects mostly related to the children’s entertainment industry.

At the moment I am about to really go after my illustration carreer and have a few projects down the line, that will be out there somewhere in the near future.

What’s your passion? What makes you tick?
The most important thing in my life will have to be my family. Right after them comes illustrating, drawing in any form and medium and simply being creative.

What’s your wildest dream for Project OpenBook?
My wildest dream for the OpenBook Project would be, that there will be enough money raised to change a lot of girls’ lives and even build a school, as education is the key to everything. Giving them a chance to really live their lifes would be the most one can ask for.

Where can people get more of you?
You can find me on my website:
or on my blog

Maria’s OpenBook Poems

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