My favorite gift

Storybook Thank You

A fan shared this thank-you note from her granddaughter Hanna (age 6 and in Kindergarten):

Grandma Jodi ~ Thank you so much for the book.  I can’t believe it is all about me!  We’ve read it lots of times!  thanks     ~Love Hanna

…and from Hanna’s mom:

OMG!  That book is amazing!  You should have seen how big her eyes got when she realized it was about her!  Amazing.  Definitely her most favorite book ever!

That’s easily my favorite Christmas gift of 2009 (with no offense to the giver of my 2nd favorite gift: socks and underwear).  I’m blown away by how thoughtful and smart (and prompt!) young Hanna is.  She’s obviously destined for big things!

Thank you, Jodi, for sharing it!  We’re honored to have been a small part of your Christmas.

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