OpenBook: Frequent Questions

Why should I help you create a book? What’s in it for me?
Do it to make an impact. The goal is to pay for the education of girls in the developing world.

Do it to be a part of something amazing. We think together we can build something spectacular. We believe the whole will be greater than the sum if its parts.

Do it to get famous. When we publish your poetry or art, you’ll get full credit. Online, we’ll print a blurb about you and when we print the book, we’ll put your name in the book (and probably more). When the book takes off — and becomes the world’s most widely-read children’s poetry compilation, you’ll grow famous. And you can parlay that fame into the dream of your choice: becoming a race-car driver, an astronaut, a famous salsa dancer.  The sky’s the limit.

Whatever your reason, just do it.

Sounds cool. How can I help?
Here are a few ideas.

How will you decide which poems go into the book?
We won’t. You will. We’ve added a rating to each poem. We think your votes will be the primary driver of which poems go into the printed book. But it’s too early to say for certain. Afterall, we’re curating a compilation of art. The book has to flow, has to fit together. So we reserve the right to use some editorial judgment about what goes into the book. But we’ll keep you posted as things progress.  (Plus, we’re open to your thoughts — feel free to comment below.)

What are ‘the rules’?
Just a few simple rules, really:

  1. If you’re going to hang out here, keep it classy. We’re asking people to go out on a limb, to put themselves out there. If you can’t offer something constructive, find another place to hang out.
  2. If you submit a poem, make sure it’s your own. We can’t verify that you hold the copyright to your submissions. So, we’re counting on your honesty here.
  3. By submitting your poetry, you’re telling us it’s OK to put it on this site and in the book. You’re agreeing to the Project OpenBook terms and conditions.

Why poetry? Why not a ‘normal’ book?
We like poetry because it’s bite-sized by definition. It’s easier for a bunch of distributed do-gooder activists to write small chunks of poetry compared to a flowing storybook.

Can I copy/print/share/re-use/adapt Project OpenBook works?
Yes!  As long as you “tell ’em where you got it” and it’s a non-commercial use, we welcome you to share our stuff.  Project OpenBook works have some-rights-reserved under a Creative Commons license.

So what’s in it for MarbleSpark?
We started MarbleSpark with the goal of making an impact. We see Project OpenBook as a way to do that. A way to make positive change. A way to leave the world a little better off.  We hope Project OpenBook feeds MarbleSpark and vice-versa. Doing well by doing good.

You still haven’t answered my question?
Go ahead, ask away in the comments below!