Our Book Drop with Educate Uganda

Educate Uganda Book Drop

For the past several years, our family has been involved with a local nonprofit called Educate Uganda.

The Founders are part of our church and have made it their mission to help educate orphaned Ugandan children, as well as improve the learning environments for these kids. Studies have shown education is the key to ending so many struggles of Ugandan orphans.

This organization hits home with us because, as parents, one of the most important things we can give our children is an education.

Educate Uganda’s Mission

“Educate Uganda focuses on children who have lost one or both of their parents,” states the foundation’s website. “For the 2.7 million children who have been orphaned in Uganda, the ability to attend school is often difficult due to the compulsory school fees which must be paid.”

“Our original focus was to help orphaned children of Uganda with their fees for primary school. It did not take long for us to realize that sending the children to school was important, but the schools needed urgent assistance as well.”

In addition to assisting with school fees, Educate Uganda has built or made improvements to numerous schools, staff housing and educator materials.

Book Drop

Each year, the Founder, along with several volunteers makes a trip to Uganda. They ask for donations of school supplies and other items they can take with them for the children.

This summer we asked if we could send along copies of The Yeti in My Freezer, the community-built kids poetry book we published through our endeavor, Project OpenBook, to give away to kids in need.

We were elated when Educate Uganda said, “Yes, we have room to take some books!” Thank you to the team of volunteers for trekking across the country with our books!

Kids holding boook

They took 100 books to give away and the pictures they snapped told us the kids enjoyed receiving them.

Child reading The Yeti in My Freezer

Poetry for kids allows them to discover reading in a new way. Poems in The Yeti in My Freezer often make kids giggle. Our hope is to make these kids smile and want to keep reading.

Child smiling with book

That’s what these book drops are all about. Giving disadvantaged kids access to books…for learning, for loving, for having a book to call their own.

We hope to someday take a trip ourselves through Educate Uganda and give away even more books.

Why We Sponsor

Our family has sponsored children through Educate Uganda for several years. Our sponsorship has helped cover primary school fees. For only $35 per child per year, you can change a child’s life by giving them access to an education.

According to the website, “The average wage earned in Uganda is approximately $40 per month, therefore school fees are not affordable for most orphans. School fees provide the mandatory book fees, a school uniform and a meal each school day. For many of the children, this may be only their second set of clothes and quite often the only meal this child receives.”

When you donate, you receive a photo of each child along with their name and school they attend.

The pictures of the kids we sponsor hang on our refrigerator. We have three kids and sponsor a child for each of them.

My husband and I have had really good conversations with them about Ugandan life and school versus the experiences our kids have. It has led to some great teaching moments.

Watch this video to see the impact of sponsoring a child through the program.

Learn more about how you can help educate and change a child’s life at www.educateuganda.org.

Learn more about Project OpenBook, our mission to get books into the hands of deserving kids. 

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