A Personalized Book to Teach Kids About Our World

Personalized Book Teach Kids About World

It’s a big, big world out there.

I grew up in a small town in rural Nebraska. The kind of small town where you rode your bike freely, everybody knows your name and teenagers still cruise up and down Main Street.

The furthest I had traveled before college was about six hours to see relatives. I didn’t dream of traveling further. It genuinely felt like I had all I needed in my little town surrounded by family and friends.

It wasn’t until I got to college that my view of the world began to change. I met students from other countries, studied other cultures and was involved in a choir that toured every year both nationally and internationally.

But those experiences didn’t fully prepare me to live abroad and really experience life in another culture.

Americans Abroad

Phil, my husband and co-founder of MarbleSpark, was awarded a scholarship to study in Germany for a year after college. We got married that summer and flew to Germany two weeks later to start our life together.

Definitely not a traditional start to a marriage. Not only did I not know a word of German (whereas Phil was fluent), we were starting our married life in an entirely different culture without any family or friends for support.

I was excited and terrified at the same time.

This promised to be the adventure of a lifetime!

And was it ever.

It was during this year immersed in other languages and cultures that my eyes were opened.

It’s hard to put into words the experience of living in another country. Of truly understanding that my way of doing things was just that…my way. That there were thousands of other ways to do things, to see things.

It didn’t make my way good or bad, but unique to me and my upbringing.

In a world of 7 billion+ people, it was a good lesson to learn.

Which Led To Following Featherbottom

When my husband sat down to write a ‘one-of-kind’ story when we were expecting our first child, it seems natural that the book turned out to be about a world-wide scavenger hunt to find the best name on earth.

Because we both understood the world was much bigger than we had ever imagined.

And it was beautiful. And full of possibilities.

We wanted our kids (and your kids) to understand this from an early age.

The main character in our first personalized book, Following Featherbottom, is a stork named Felix Featherbottom. Felix has a sidekick, Pierre du Pond (a French frog), who accompanies him on the adventure.

Felix works for a fictional baby-naming service called Letter Getter, Inc. He gets an order for ‘the perfect name’ and travels the world to find the perfect letters for the perfect name.

For example, if your child is named Mark, Felix might stop in Mexico or Madagascar or Moscow to get the M and then fly off to Antarctica, Amsterdam or Argentina for the A and so on. You choose the country where you want Felix to go.

Each letter page reflects an illustration of that country showing children another culture and place.

Blog_FF_letter page

And each illustration contains an ‘I Spy’ so your child can learn new vocabulary while they find each word.

Finally Felix and Pierre deliver the letters and leave a map of the world so you can retrace their tracks around the globe.

Blog_FF map_1

The book not only teaches children about our world, but is also a lesson in geography and how to spell their name.

Four Years In The Making

It took Phil two years to write (including several false starts) and then Brad another two years to illustrate all 80 of the possible pages. Brad Sneed, our co-founder and resident artist, hand-painted each illustrated page in watercolor.

The final product was worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

We hope it’s a story you and you child will cherish for a long time! A story about our big, beautiful world and how your child (and their name) fits into it.


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