Personalized Christmas Gifts for Kids

Personalized Christmas Gifts

The holidays are sneaking up on us. And with that comes the search for the perfect Christmas gift for kids.

Personalized Christmas gifts show your child how special and unique they are since each gift is customized just for them.

Let’s find the perfect personalized gift for your child!

Why Personalized Christmas Gifts?

There are a plethora of toys on the market you could buy for your child. And these may get their attention for a bit, but soon they’ll get bored and toss them aside.

What if you could give a present they’d cherish long after the holiday decorations are taken down? A gift that keeps on giving after the newness wears off?

Not just any gift. A keepsake gift.

We know a little about this subject because we have three kids of our own.

We’ve seen first-hand the plastic pandemonium that ensues after the holidays. Toys are everywhere. Unfortunately, a lot of these toys ended up somewhere to collect dust after our kids played with them a few times. 

Toys can be great, but we want you to think outside the box. With a personalized gift, you can give something unique and one-of-a-kind.

Top 5 Favorite Personalized Christmas Gifts for Kids (Ages 0 – 8)

1. Personalized Puzzle Stool by Damhorst Toys

Personalized stool

Photo Credit Damhorst Toys

With this personalized puzzle stool, your child will get to stand a little taller and at the same time learn to spell his/her name. How cool is that?

These sturdy stools stand 9 inches off the ground and are made of solid pine wood. All stools are water based and non-toxic.

You choose between primary or pastel colors for the puzzle letters. Any child would be lucky to receive this special gift!

2. Personalized Christmas Book by MarbleSpark


We think this personalized Christmas book is pretty special (wink, wink). It was created by our talented author, Phil Haussler, and illustrator, Brad Sneed.

‘Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas spins the classic Christmas poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas around your child’s name. It follows the story of a young mouse, named Pipp Squeak, who accidentally rips a name (your child’s name!) from Santa’s list.

This sweet story will captivate your child as Pipp valiantly works to fix the mess and save Christmas for your child. They will love seeing their name throughout the adventure.

Families have made reading this book a Christmas tradition! And with the ability to include a personal dedication in the book, your child will always remember who gave them this special book.

3. Personalized Superhero Cape by Superfly Kids

Personalized hero cape

 Photo credit Superfly Kids

What child doesn’t want to be a superhero? We have yet to meet one! Not only does superhero play instill confidence in your child, but it helps overcome fear, too.

With several colors and emblems, you can personalize the superhero cape to match your child’s personality.

With these fun custom superhero capes, your child is free to fight crime and save the day!

4. Personalized Photo Christmas Ornament by Decozilla

Personalized ornament
Photo credit Decozilla

How about making a personalized gift for your child? Our kids LOVE seeing their baby pictures on ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree.

All you need is a favorite picture of your child, a clear glass or plastic ornament (can find these at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby) and ribbon!

You can either glue the picture to the top of ornament or insert inside along with anything else colorful to make it look festive. Easy and inexpensive!

5. Personalized Placemat 

Personalized placemat

Photo credit MiniPeanuts

Kids love to see their name written on just about anything. Get your child excited for mealtime with a personalized placemat!

These custom placemats are double-sided, laminated and make clean up easy. Choose from a wide variety of styles, colors and pictures. Don’t see something you like? The creator will design something just for you!

The placemats have been tested with dry-erase markers so let your child doodle away. They’ll be so busy you might even be able to sneak veggies on their plate!

Personalized Gifts are Keepsake Gifts

There are lots of choices for gift giving. A customized gift made especially for your child is one they’ll cherish forever.

We hope these five favorite, personalized Christmas gifts for kids sparked an idea for your child.

Happy gifting!

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