About me

I’m Phil Haussler. That’s me, the big one. I’m married to a beautiful and lovable gal named Stacey. Those three little dudes are somehow ours. Thing-One is six, Thing-Two is three and Thing-Three is one. We live in Omaha, Nebraska. I spend my days at a job I love helping companies build great cultures. At night — when rational people are sleeping — I run MarbleSpark. We do our best to keep the crazy-train on the tracks.

Four years ago I wrote a crude storybook for our soon-to-be-born child. That project led to Following Featherbottom, which eventually led to MarbleSpark.

What’s your passion? What makes you tick?
> Words. Stringing them together. Letting them knock around in my mouth and tumble out.
> My kids. Hugging them. Loving on them. Throwing ’em up in the air and (usually) catching them.
> Laughter. Doing it. Making others do it.
> Gumption. Striving to do something big. Even when failure is likely.

What’s your wildest dream for what we might accomplish through Project OpenBook?
It’s already achieving some of my small goals: gathering together great minds, creating great art, making people happy. I guess — if I let my imagination run wild — my wildest dream is that Project OpenBook outgrows me. That it becomes a runaway train. That it inspires people to make great art. That great art inspires LOTS of people to follow along and engage. That it does amazing, big, lasting things to change the world.

My poems
The Choc-o-dile
Too grown up to look up
The mailbox monster
Feeling much better
In kind
Astronaut soup
Magic tricks
Wild hare
The Linchpin
El Destructo
The ‘Tater Savior
The Cookie Pirate
Silly Rules
Two Wolves
Temporary Tattoo
Back Scratcher
The Amazing Wish Machine
Puddy Cat Pancake
Before You Came Along
Tom and Holly
Shadow Puppets
There’s a Yeti In My Freezer
Tall Tales
Lucky Stew
I Gave The Poodle Bubble Gum
The Thunder Bug
The Next Island
Bear Dare