Pies For Sale

Pies for sale
Pies for sale
Muddy muddy muddy mud
Pies for sale!

Muddy pie cherry
Muddy pie peach
Muddy pie apple
Fifty cents each

Muddy pie chocolate
Muddy pie lime
Muddy pie gooseberry
Two for a dime

Belly right up and
Give a pie a try
Belly right up
For a muddy mud pie

Wash it all down
With a muddy lemonade
Wallow wallow wallow
In the muddy mud shade.

David HarrisonWritten by David L. Harrison.
Illustrated by Brad Sneed.

David L. Harrison has published seventy-seven original titles that have sold more than fifteen million copies and earned numerous honors. More…

This illustrated poem was created for Project OpenBook, an experiment in doing good.

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  1. Peggy Rivera Says:

    Outstanding work yet again! I am excited for your upcoming post!

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