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The three books I got were a huge hit! This is my favorite gift to give newborns. There’s really nothing else like it. My friend called crying after she read it.
~ Nicole W

Honestly, blown away by both the books and your customer service. My brother and sister-in-law said they almost cried when the book arrived and they read it aloud for the first time. When the older daughters got home and read through it, they had a great time picking through each of the pages and finding everything that began with that letter.
~ Karen B (Redmond, OR)

Beautiful! I ordered our six year old a book. She LOVES it!! She could not believe there was a book made with her name in it…she kept asking me how I found such a book…she was so shocked! She took it to school today to show her class. I heard her reading over and over again the page about “a beautiful girl”.
~ Karen V

~ Gentry — one of the world’s best product designers

I just made my fourth Following Featherbottom… Best. Kid gift. Ever.
~ Jess C (Garner, NC)

The gift was perfect and my friend lit up with joy! They were in awe of the beautiful artwork and personalized story! I love this book with all my heart. You really made my year and I can’t thank you enough. It truly is perfect!
~ Emily R (Katy, TX)

Dear Grandma Jodi ~ Thank you so much for the book.  I can’t believe it is all about me!  We’ve read it lots of times! thanks ~ Love Hanna
~ Hanna (age 6) see her note…

OMG! This book is amazing! You should have seen how big her eyes got when she realized it was about her! Amazing. Definitely her most favorite book ever!
~ Hanna’s mom

Just read Following Featherbottom, made for my friend’s new son…made us both cry! What a wonderful idea, gift, tribute. You guys rock!
~ Nancy S

Our soon-to-be 3 year olds (twins), Ian and Sofia, love their “birthday books!”
~ Ashley K

I am so in AWE of the book that I purchased that I haven’t calmed down since it came in the mail. The dogs are avoiding me because I’m so giddy.
~ Jeanette R

I just opened the books!  They are beautiful and perfect!  Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!
~ Julie D

The books arrived. They are wonderful!! One thing I really like is that this is a book that grows with them. And now that I’ve seen them I’m placing another order!
~ Rena C

I had dinner with my boss a few weeks back and gave her the book for their new baby. She started to cry as she began reading the book, then turned to her husband and said, “This is the best gift we’ve gotten!”
~ Matt G

Oh my gosh!!!! The paper quality is perfect as is the vibrancy (is that a word??? it is now) of the color on each page!!! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful keepsake!!!!
~ Nancy A

We read Kylah’s book to her all the time and now she can spell her own name! It’s a great learning tool!
~ Hilarie H, San Francisco

I’m love that it’s appropriate for a baby gift and yet just as fascinating for our 6-year-old grandson. PERFECT for his identifying objects beginning with the letter on each page!
~ Joyce G