Richard Wilkinson

Richard Wilkinson is an artist and illustrator living in Brighton, England. His art has appeared in TIME Magazine, New Scientist, The Telegraph, TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi BBH, GMMB, Ted Baker, Random House, and Harper Collins.

Somewhere along the road, I bumped into one of Richard’s breathtaking “Something in the Air” series, a 5 page spread he did for Telegraph Magazine. With his permission, one of the “process” images is embedded below.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born in North London in 1972 and grew up on the South Coast of England. After studying Fine Art and careers in music production, sound design, motion graphics and commercials production, I returned to my first love and started work as an illustrator in 2007.

I currently live and work in Brighton, England.

What’s your passion? What makes you tick?
Detail. I love detail. And the weather….. And food.

What’s your wildest dream for Project OpenBook?
That so many contemporary artists and writers contribute we help thousands of children across the world. Let’s aim high!

Where can people get more of you?
You can find more of Richard’s amazing illustrations at his website,

You can also find more of Richard at:

Richard’s OpenBook Works
The Circus!