Sometimes it doesn’t hurt until somebody tells you it should

Lesson 5

Have you ever seen a toddler do a face-plant? The first thing they do is scan everybody’s face. Most of the time, the reactions she sees (verbal and non-verbal) will guide the toddler’s response. If you gasp, cover your mouth and say, “Oh my! Come to mama…lemme kiss your booboo!” she’ll act as if she just lost a limb. But if you’re immediate reaction is to laugh and say, “BOOM! Down he goes! You’re OK champ! Get up and GO! GO! GO!”, she’ll… get up and GO! GO! GO!

This phenomenon is not limited to toddlers; I think it impacts us at every age. I think we often don’t perceive hurt until somebody points it out (whether physical discomfort or a more abstract injustice or grievance).   We say, “I love my job” until somebody implies that the pay is too low. Or a perfectly enjoyable visit with your family turns sour when your sibling or spouse says, “did you hear the way Aunt Mildred said your kids are smart? Soooo sarcastic….”

The real trick is taking everybody else out of the equation. The real trick is to just get up and GO! GO! GO!

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