Take Your Kids To Space!

Jeff Pfaller, just blew my mind. He and his 6 year old son put a camera and GPS-enabled smart phone in a cooler, hooked it too a huge baloon and… SENT IT TO SPACE!!! Well, almost to space anyway. At 50,000 feet the balloon burst and the contraption fell back to earth. With the help of the GPS-enabled phone, they found it in a nearby cornfield (but first, according to his son, they made sure to get permission!).

It’s a safe bet this project will do more to spark his imagination and love for science than all the schooling he’ll get in K-12.

Update (6/25/12) — Jeff has posted a how-to guide for other intrepid explorers.

Update (10/10/12) — Check out this eerily similar (but awesome in its own right) video from Ron Fugelseth.

Update (10/15/12) — While you’re at it, show your kids Felix Baumgartner pulling off the human version!

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  1. pfallerj Says:

    I want to test the camera to see how well it does with night shots – I'd love to capture the star field from 10 miles up.

  2. Cherisse McCoy Says:


  3. marblespark Says:

    Night launch would be awesome! Thanks for sharing this awesome project Jeff.

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