Thank You

2009 snuck out the side-exit before I had a chance to thank a few people who deserve it. A huge thank you goes out to:

My family and friends, especially my lovely wife. For their love and support. For enduring through four years of hearing about this far-off idea. For sticking with me through it all.

Ken Wiebke. For building this shockingly amazing website in his spare time. For staying sane through 3+ years of changes and speed-bumps. For sacrificing his free time. For his sense of humor through it all. For his understanding family. For his friendship.

Brad Sneed. For shaking hands three years ago on little more than an idea and a single meeting over breakfast. In an age of contracts and litigation, that kind of my-word-is-bond trustworthiness is rare and refreshing. For two years of painstaking work — the artwork of Following Featherbottom is simply breathtaking. For continuing this wild ride with Project OpenBook and beyond. For his understanding family. For his friendship.

The dudes at Oxide Design. For the concepts for this website and blog. For transforming my crummy logo ideas into something awesome. For help in naming our first book. For being generally awesome dudes.

Phil Belin. For his advice and counsel. For making MarbleSpark official. For embracing a pay-for-results model and bucking the tired old legal practice of hourly billing.

Adrian Hanft. For making this blog look and work terrifically. For working around the deficiencies of various browsers (if you’re reading this in Internet Explorer, please consider switching). For putting up with me.

For you. If you’re reading this, thank you. You’re here at take-off, before we’ve really proven ourselves. Thank you for riding along. With your help, I hope we can do amazing things in 2010.

image by psd

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