The Choc-o-dile

Project OpenBook: TheChocodile

Meet the world’s last chocodile.
He wouldn’t hurt a fly.
Sit with me and watch a while
And soon you’ll find out why.

This is no normal reptile.
He will not bite your duff.
Chocolate milk is more his style,
Poured over Cocoa Puffs.

The only animal he’d ever eat
Is a chocolate-covered bunny.
The only eggs he’d ever beat
Are chocolate, filled with honey.

Brownies, fudge and chocolate chips,
He dips them in hot cocoa.
And when the cocoa hits his lips
The chocodile goes loco.

Years of tracking the chocodile
And now the moment of truth.
Watch him open wide to smile
And reveal his last sweet tooth.

Phil HausslerWritten by Phil Haussler.
Illustrated by Brad Sneed.

This illustrated poem was created for Project OpenBook, an experiment in doing good.

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