The Circus!


Tomorrow I join the circus!
Yep, I’m gonna run away.
But first I need to find my act,
I’ve only got a day.

I thought about a bearded-lady
But just can’t grow a beard.
And furthermore, since I’m a boy
That might be kinda weird.

Lion-tamer might do the trick
If only they didn’t bite.
Tight-rope walker — that might work
Except for my fear of heights.

How about an acrobat?
I cannot touch my toes.
Strong man, clown or fire-breather?
Surely none of those!

I guess the only job for me
Is human cannonball.
Which makes me think…
On second thought…
I won’t go after all!

Phil HausslerWritten by Phil Haussler.
Illustrated by Richard Wilkinson.

This illustrated poem was created for Project OpenBook, an experiment in doing good.

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