The Seeker’s Lament

I’ve counted one-to-ten,
And now the game is on.
I’ve started with my searching
To find out where you’ve gone.

You’re not in the hall closet
Or underneath your bed.
And I’m absolutely certain
You’re not perched upon my head.

You can’t be in your toy chest,
It’s full of teddy bears.
I opened up your dresser,
And just found underwear.

I’ve peered down from the ceiling
And gazed up from the floor.
Am I nuts for thinking
You’re not here any more?

Have you gone to London
To sip tea with the queen?
Or traveled to the past
In a time machine?

Are you sailing ‘round the world
Hanging from a kite?
Or trekking to the Arctic
To see the northern lights?

Are you in Nebraska
Wrangling with cowboys?
Or starting up a band
And making tons of noise?

What if you joined the circus
To swing from a trapeze?
Or squeezed into a hive
To dwell among the bees?

I don’t know what I’d do
If you left me all alone,
But sit and cry and pout and mope
And whine and moan and groan.

I guess I must sound silly,
Thinking you’re not here.
You couldn’t have gone far.
You must be very near.

You’re just so good at hiding.
You’re hidden very well.
Exactly where you’re lurking
I have no way to tell!

I’ve searched in every cranny.
I’ve covered every nook.
I’m sure that I could find you
If I just knew where to look!

Matt GovigWritten by Matt Govig.

Matt lives in San Francisco, but grew up in Nebraska. He is a Web Content Strategist with lots of experience being silly. His favorite things to do include taking pictures, writing poems & short stories, and playing video games. He has started writing a novel, but can’t seem to finish it.

Project OpenBook is a community-built children’s book.

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