Thoughtful Personalized Toddler Gifts

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Do you remember going on vacation or a field trip and being around all of your friends with “normal” names and “normal” spelling?

Looking at the cups and keychains with names on them, hoping that maybe this time the store would have your name and spelling on something- anything!

And, of course it wasn’t…because you are unique and have a unique name!

Well- fortunately for your little ones there are so many different personalizing options now-a-days.

If you aren’t familiar with us, we specialize in personalized children’s books. But we put together this list for you of some of our other favorite personalized toddler gifts.

Our Favorite Personalized Toddler Gifts

Personalized Entry Level Nod Chair (Khaki Star)



This personalized chair is great for any toddler ready to pick up a book and have you read to them! This chair is designed for smaller kids. The cover is machine washable, so no need to worry about getting this one dirty! All you need to worry about is keeping the pages of your child’s books in tact 🙂

If you have a special reading nook area for your child this chair would be a perfect addition. If you don’t, check out our post that gives you lots of reading nook ideas!


Wooden Toy Train



This train set from one of our favorite Etsy shops called HappyLittleFolkShop is so adorable! You get to customize the color to fit the personality of your little one. This is a handmade item.

Made out of beech wood, non toxic glue, non toxic sealer, non toxic paint.


Personalized Wooden Puzzles



These wooden puzzles make a really cute personalized toddler gift! You can choose between primary or pastel colors to fit the personality of your little one. These puzzles are non toxic and water based. This is a great way to teach your special one his/her name. The owner of the Etsy shop suggests glueing the pieces in place once your child is a little older and displaying it on the wall!


Toddler Travel Pillow Personalized Monster



This cute, customizable pillow is great for your little monster. 🙂 We say that in a nice way! You can choose between lots of different colors and customize it any way you’d like! The pillow is 12 x 16 so it makes a great traveling, camping or slumber party pillow.


KidKraft Sling Book Shelf



This is a great gift for new readers! It’s another great way to help teach your little one his/her name and get them excited for reading. This personalized toddler gift will keep books safe because the shelves are made out of canvas. The book covers face the front so your toddler can easily pick out which book to read!


KidKraft Toy Caddy



This is a really cute way to store toys, crafts and books. The size is perfect for your toddler to tote around! Another idea is to use this as a cute gift basket at their next birthday or holiday. You can also have your toddler pick out a few reading books, put them in the caddy and then choose a special place to read with you.


Custom Super Hero Doll 




We are so in love with this personalized super hero doll that we found on Etsy! Hair, initials and glasses are all customizable for your toddler. It is recommended that this doll be given to a child 3 years or older unless you request embroidered eyes instead!


This doll would go perfect with our new personalized children’s book Every Hero Needs A Sidekick. In this book, your little hero finds out he/she is getting a sidekick (AKA a baby brother or sister!). You can choose between 4 skin tones, 6 hair colors and 10 hairstyles to show a character version of your real life superhero on every page of the book!

Personalized big sister book

Another great gift idea to go along with the book is a cape from Super Fly!



The toddler stage is the funnest stage for gift giving. Personalized toddler gifts make it even more fun! These are some of our favorite gifts- what are yours? Feel free to let us know! If you have any questions about our personalized children’s books please feel free to reach out. We’d be thrilled to answer your questions! Happy Gift Giving!

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