Throw a Book Birthday Party for Young Kids

book birthday party

From Following Featherbottom to Pete the Cat to The Cat in the Hat, a book birthday party is a fun way to celebrate the occasion for a pint-sized bibliophile.

We love the idea of building a party around a child’s favorite book.

It can make the story come to life for the child and their guests.

And depending on how you structure the party, it can also be the perfect way to create a beginning library.

9 Book Birthday Party Themes We Love (ages 0-6):


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This insect theme is perfect for spring or summer and your little one and their guests can eat through all of caterpillar’s favorite foods.

Following Featherbottom

Ok, so we might be a little biased here, but Following Featherbottom is a top pick for a kids birthday theme.

Get each of the kiddos their own pair of goggles and let them take off on a scavenger hunt built around your child’s personalized book. They’ll have a blast hunting the house and yard for underwear from Ukraine, Leprechaun’s clovers from Limerick and mucho dinero from Mexico. You can build the foods around the theme as well. Pizza from Pisa, Lemonade from Lebanon and so on.

book birthday party

Fancy Nancy

Get fancy like Nancy by using the book as inspiration for a dress-up party.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?

This is a fun one for your littlest cubs. Oriental Trading Company sells plates, tablecloths and other supplies built on the theme.

Pete the Cat

Groovy! Find an edible image for a sheet cake at

book birthday party

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Pinks wands, pink cupcakes and pink punch will bring this book to life for your little reader who loves the spunky character from this book. Of course, you should probably serve some greens as well, just like the doctor ordered. Green grapes and green tortilla pinwheels are perfect party food.

The Cat in the Hat (or anything Dr. Seuss)

Vibrant colors, timeless rhymes and iconic characters—The Cat in the Hat is a theme that both kids and adults can appreciate. Check out these customizable book birthday party printables.

book birthday party

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Llama Llama series

This is one of my favorite books to read. And you won’t have any trouble finding llama props and give-aways, as llamas are everywhere right now. (ie. See my tween daughter’s bedroom.)

Good Night Moon

It would be so fun to set up a room in your house like the Good Night Moon room. Three little bears sitting on chairs…and so on.

Just Books

Sometime during the party, consider passing around a keepsake book for all of the guests to sign or to write a message in. It will be a great memory of the day and a way to remember who was there to celebrate with your child.

Also, consider asking guests to bring their favorite children’s book as a gift for the birthday child instead of a toy.

Books make a great keepsake gift and will be used over and over.

Encourage guests to write a personalized message in the book instead of giving a card.

By the end of the day, your child will have the beginning of his or her very own library.

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