Top 5 Personalized Baptism Gifts

Personalized Baptism Gifts

Baptism is a special celebration of faith and family. Whether you’re a parent, godparent, aunt, uncle, relative or friend, the question of ‘What do I give as Baptism gifts?’ is a common one.

If looking for unique Baptism gift ideas to be keepsakes, or even heirlooms, personalized Baptism gifts are a great choice. These one-of-a- kind gifts will be cherished by both child and parent long after the celebration.

Here are our top 5 favorite Baptism gifts for boys or girls…made to order!

Best Personalized Baptism Gifts

1. Personalized Handprint Frame by My Baby Pie

baptism handprint

Photo Credit My Baby Pie

Who doesn’t want to remember those tiny hands forever? Capture the child’s tiny handprint after their Baptism with this embossed paper set in a 5×7 silver frame.

The caption under the handprint will read “Baptized: Lord teach my little hands to pray…” A precious way to capture this special day.

2. Personalized Book God Whispered Your Name by MarbleSpark (that’s us!)

image00 copy

This personalized religious book celebrates God’s deep love for each of us colorfully showing children “God had a plan at the very beginning…He had you in mind when He set the world spinning.”

The book allows for a personal dedication from the gift giver on the first page. Popular dedications include the date of the Baptism and a favorite bible verse. Or simply ‘You were wonderfully made.’ Your dedication will be remembered each time the child reads the book!

3. Personalized Wall Art by LarkRoadRhymes

Baptism wall art

Photo Credit LarkRoadRhymes

We were gifted this wall art for our boys’ First Communion celebrations, but they can also be made for Baptisms. The 8×10 prints come unframed so you can choose your favorite frame!

Each handmade print features the child’s name throughout the poem. Each poem written is based on the letters in the child’s name.

As with other custom made gifts, you can choose different colors, backgrounds and even font.

Our kids have their prints framed and setting on their dressers. They can see it when they go to sleep each night and wake up each morning. A beautiful reminder of God’s love for them.

4. Personalized Baptism Block by BLOCKSetc

baptism block

Photo Credit BLOCKSetc

Handcrafted from solid maple hardwood, these blocks are custom engraved on all six sides with details of the child’s Baptism.

Choose from nine different colors and several sizes. Perfect sizes for a nursery, dresser or shelf!

5. Personalized Wall Cross by TheCrowsNestSignCo

Baptism wall cross

Photo Credit TheCrowsNestSignCo

This beautiful, rustic wooden Cross is made from reclaimed vintage wood. There are 11 colors to choose from and each Cross is hand painted.

You can choose to have the Cross made with the child’s name only or to include the date of the Baptism. There is also an option to add an olive branch!

Why Choose Personalized Baptism Gifts?

No matter how often you gift it, a custom-made gift is always created unique and original as the child for whom they are created.

You could choose to gift a children’s Bible, a book of prayers, a plush toy or even money. But these gifts are not keepsakes or heirlooms quite like a personalized gift.

Each child is created in God’s image. Celebrate Baptism with a personalized gift to show them just how special they are.

We hope you enjoyed these Baptism gift ideas!


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