Five Ways to Celebrate National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day

On April 28th, we celebrate National Superhero Day by honoring all superheroes, both real and fictional. It’s a day to celebrate those who serve and protect, while fighting evil.

Did you dream of being a superhero when you were little? Perhaps you played a make-believe hero with costumes or action figures. I have many memories of playing with my She-Ra castle. 

Our three sons have all gone through phases of wanting to be a superhero. From Batman to Captain America to Spiderman (to name a few), we have several photos of them in costume saving the day.

As they’ve outgrown the costumes, we’ve talked to them about the importance of having a hero and being a hero to others. Here are a few fun ideas to celebrate Superhero Day with your kids.

Five Ways to Celebrate National Superhero Day

Read a superhero book. Books allow kids to imagine themselves as the characters in the story.   

For example, our personalized children’s book, Every Hero Needs a Sidekick, portrays the big brother or big sister as the superhero and the new sibling as the sidekick. The book follows the adventure of your little superhero as he/she finds out they are getting a sidekick: a new baby brother or sister. You can even create the superhero to look like your child. 

We cast the big sibling as a superhero because we wanted the child to think of becoming a big brother or big sister as a really important job. And an exciting one. A job that would require cool super-powers such as “leaping tall buildings” and “outrunning a speeding train.”

Personalized Big Sister Book

Throw a superhero-themed party. Invite neighbors and friends for a fun party or after-school treat. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into the party, the kids will love sharing this time with friends.

Your child can help make these cute superhero snacks. For decorations, check out this post on DIY and budget-friendly ideas. Include the kids in creating an obstacle course in the backyard to practice their superhero skills and you’re bound to have a party to remember.  

Dress the part. That’s right! To make a mask, use a paper plate, hole puncher and some string. Use colors or markers to make it colorful. If your child doesn’t own a cape, tie a blanket or sheet around them to create one.   

Superhero play empowers kids by transforming them into someone else. When they put on a cape and mask, they believe that they possess great confidence, courage, and bravery. These characteristics can help them overcome struggles they may face in their lives.

Honor your real-life superheroes. Although your child’s real-life superheroes may not wear capes or have special powers, they can serve as great role models. Teach your kids that superheroes can be those people who make a difference in someone’s life.

You could bake cookies with your child and help deliver them to your local police station or firefighters. Or make a care package for military serving overseas. These men and women serve to protect us on a daily basis.

Your child’s superhero could also be a teacher or a grandparent. Help your child write that person a letter or a phone call to thank them for being someone special in their life.

Be a hero. There’s a superhero in each of us no matter how old or young, big or little.

Be a superhero family by volunteering at a local charity, donating goods or collecting loose change throughout the month to give to those in need.

Your child can be a superhero to an animal by visiting a local animal shelter and donating their time, treats or food.

Superheroes can be of all shapes and sizes…and we all can make a difference…with or without the cape!

“There is a superhero in all of us. We just need the courage to put on the cape.”  – Superman

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