We Are Taking the 21-Day Read Aloud Challenge

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I’ve always had a love of books.

So when I became a first-time mom almost 12 years ago, I wanted to share this love of reading with our son.

We asked for books instead of cards at my baby shower, scoured the bookstores for some of our favorite children’s books and began to build a little library in our son’s nursery.

At the time, I knew there were some startling statistics about why reading was good for kids, even at the newborn stage. But I was lacking in sleep and patience, and wasn’t thinking about developing my child’s brain. I was just trying to make him drowsy so we could both take a nap!

My husband and I initially began reading to our son because it seemed to soothe him, and provided a quiet time of connection and bonding. We realized early on he wasn’t a snuggler, but would sit still in our lap while we read to him.

As he grew, and we welcomed two more sons into our family, we continued to make reading aloud to our children a priority every day.

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