What a Cockroach Can Teach You About Your Brain

If you’re a teacher (and all of us parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are!), show this TED Talk to the youngsters and young-at-heart in your life. In 6 minutes, your kids will learn more about how the brain works than most people learn by college. Greg Gage tears the leg off a cockroach to demonstrate how the brain uses electrical impulses to understand the environment around us and control our muscles.

Fascinating stuff on so many levels. Who knew that cockroach brains our similar to ours? And if you rip the leg off a cockroach, it will grow back!? Not sure about your kids, but my boys will go nuts over that.

Also, how awesome is it that mind-blowing educational materials like this are available anytime, anywhere… for free?!? We live in amazing times indeed.

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