What We Love About Grandma’s House

grandma's house

What do you remember most about going to your grandma’s house as a child?

For me, it was kneading the dough for apricot and cherry kolaches.

Never-ending games of Canasta.

Riding in the way-back of the station wagon with the dog and no seatbelts.

Climbing into the underground outdoor storm cellar–where grandma also stored all of her homemade jams–during a tornado warning.

Those memories are so vivid. I remember the smell of the kolache dough and the pastel peach color of the card holder that I used to hold my Canasta hand.

Grandparents Day

In honor of Grandparents Day celebrated earlier this week, we thought it would be fun to ask this generation of kids what they love most about going to grandma’s house.

Turns out, things aren’t SO different—minus the outdoor storm cellar, which has become a thing of legend around our house.

What the Kids Say

“My favorite thing about going is that I get to swim and have a great time hunting for frogs.” –Ellie, 6

“I love, love, love going to Grandma’s house and getting to play with all of my mom’s old toys. My favorites are the Cabbage Patch dolls and the buggy that we push them in around the lake. And I love her blueberry pancakes.” –Lila, 8

“Toys, toys, toys!” –Baylor, 3

“Playing with the dog!” –Boston, 4

“I like being able to cook with Grandma and playing with my cousin. And I like hanging out with Pop and the buffet of food of all the stuff I love.” –Camden, 16

“I like Grandma’s drink refrigerator, her candy drawer and all the people. And I like making peach jelly with Grandma.” –Molly, 9

“I like it when they play games with us.” –Grady, 7

“I like that Grandma has a foosball table in her basement and that she lives by a lake that we can walk around. And she cooks a lot of awesome desserts.” –Neve, 10

“I like hanging out with them, going to the pool and watching sports on TV.” –McCoy, 12

“My favorite is going swimming and riding on the blue ranger. I love the (special allergy-friendly) snacks they have for me.” –Atlas, 4

“I love to swim, spend time with my family and have s’mores.” –Colin, 8

“The best parts are Grandma’s homemade cranberries and when she takes us out for pizza near her house. It’s the best pizza ever!” –Finn, 13

“We get spoiled!” –Lincoln, 10

Positive Influence

In this era of online activities and social media, it seems like grandma’s house is a natural respite from all of the noise.

In fact, one University of Oxford study found a direct relationship between grandparent involvement and positive social behavior in kids.

So, make time for the grandparents.

And also consider taking some time to ask your kids about what they love about grandma’s house.

As it turns out, what today’s kids love isn’t so different from what we loved about our grandparent time.

And “What we love about Grandma’s house” is also a pretty fun dinnertime conversation.

For other great meal-time conversation starters, check out our article “Family Dinners: A Time to Laugh, Share and Connect.”

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