When Your Child Has a Holiday Birthday

Holiday Birthday

Birthdays. Kids look forward to them with gusto. If your kids are anything like mine, they start planning their next birthday party literally the day after celebrating their birthday!

When our son was born on the Fourth of July, I was thrilled to welcome little “Lincoln” into our family. I also wondered how to handle celebrating his future holiday birthday.

Holidays are important in their own right. Kids look forward to them and many family traditions occur around these special days.

Then how do you make your child’s holiday birthday special?

Celebrate the Birthday on a Different Day

With our son’s birthday on the Fourth of July, many of his friends are traveling or have their own family celebrations. In the past, we’ve celebrated his birthday with family on the Fourth, but had a birthday party with friends on a different date.

The key is to plan ahead. Planning a friend or family birthday party in advance of the actual birthday can mean less stress for the parent. This year I was late to the game in planning, but luckily our son didn’t want a huge party so finding a date that worked for a few friends was easier.

Celebrate a Half Birthday

As a child, my birthday always fell over Memorial Day weekend and we were out of school by that time. It was disappointing not to celebrate my birthday in school like most of my classmates.

Times have since changed. And for the better! Our kids’ school celebrates half birthdays when the child’s birthday is in the summer. Therefore, our July 4th birthday boy celebrates his half birthday on January 4th in school. Great idea!

Why not take this one step further and celebrate your child’s birthday with family or friends on their half birthday. We especially like this idea if your child’s birthday falls on or near Thanksgiving or Christmas when schedules are hectic.

Make Special Rules for Birthday Boy or Girl

A friend’s daughter’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day. In her family, she has the special rule that she can’t get pinched if she’s not wearing green.

If your child’s birthday is on Christmas, maybe the rule is they get to open a Christmas present first. Or on Easter they can find the first hidden egg.

The possibilities are endless! Get your child involved to come up with your own special rules.

Family “Birthday Traditions”

Having birthday traditions that you celebrate every birthday will make your child’s birthday special no matter what day it falls on.

Our crew has a birthday tradition where the family serves breakfast in bed to the birthday boy or girl. The kids also do this on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It’s become one of the kids’ favorite traditions and they don’t let us forget when it’s their turn!

We were also gifted a “Celebration Plate” at our wedding and have used that plate only on birthdays. The plate says “It’s Your Special Day” and the kids love using it.

Handling Birthday Gifts

Several holidays don’t involve gift giving, but when your child’s holiday birthday falls on or near Christmas, you have to deal with gifts.

Don’t give gifts that count towards both Christmas and the birthday. We understand it can be difficult to 1) think of multiple gift ideas and 2) budget for them.

Two of our sons’ birthdays are in mid-November. Just when they’ve opened their birthday gifts, we have to start thinking of Christmas gifts. It can be a daunting task. It would be easier on the parent to say the gifts are for both, but it isn’t fair to the child. Plan ahead and budget accordingly.

We hope these holiday birthday ideas make your child feel special and unique no matter what day their birthday falls on. Our son loves having his birthday on the Fourth…he thinks the fireworks are just for him!

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