Where Does Your Shadow Go At Night?

Where does your shadow go at night?
……Where does it go when you turn out the light?
Does it shiver under your bed in fright
……Or take wing like an eagle in flight?
In the dark, will it find its way?
……Will it meet other shadows and play?
Or does it sit still and wait for day?
……Where shadows go is hard to say.
Does it play tricks that can be cruel
……Like hiding your shoes so your late for school?
Maybe it climbs from the warmth of your bed
……And rides the wind like a swift snow sled.
Where does your shadow go when you sleep?
……Where will it be while your dreaming deep?
It covers you up like a shadowy sheet
……To keep you warm from your head to your feet
And greets you with the first light of dawn
……As you both start your day with a stretch and a yawn.

John CareyWritten by John Carey.
Illustrated by Sharon Wagner.

This illustrated poem was created for Project OpenBook, an experiment in doing good.

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